Delivering an enterprise document management solution for 1.8 million users with Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Technology Partner AODocs helps companies get the most out of the way they work with Google Drive. Its enterprise document management solution combines Google Drive’s collaboration capabilities with the centralized control that enterprises need to manage their documents and comply with industry standards and regulations. AODocs also makes it easy for enterprises to replace their legacy document management applications like SharePoint, Lotus Notes and OpenText, with a system that is fully integrated with their Google Drive.

When AODocs first launched in 2012, it had a fundamental decision to make: Which cloud platform should it use to build its new service? It chose Google Cloud Platform for its scalability, high performance, and suite of integrated tools that could free its engineers from managing infrastructure.

“Building AODocs on top of Google Cloud Platform was an obvious decision—we wanted to run our infrastructure on a platform with the excellent performance and security, while also allowing our product to automatically scale with our growing customer base.” — Stéphane Donzé, AODocs founder and CEO

Adding 200,000 documents a day with GCP

AODocs uses Google App Engine to run the primary set of services for its enterprise document management service. Google App Engine automatically scales as AODocs adds new customers, with fast performance and almost zero downtime since the product was first released in 2013. It also lets AODocs roll out new versions of its software quickly, without ever interrupting users’ access to documents.

Google Cloud Datastore and Google BigQuery work together to help AODocs monitor user activity and troubleshoot user issues. AODocs customers add more than 200,000 documents to the AODocs platform every day. The service records millions of daily events in its audit log, a vital store of information about how the service is running. The log is stored in Cloud Datastore. Clément Denis, CTO of AODocs, explains: “Thanks to Cloud Datastore, we don’t need to worry about the amount of information we store—we just record everything. And using Big Query’s real time streaming, we can track every single API call we make to Google Apps services, allowing us to quickly diagnose any issue happening in production.”

“Security is particularly important for our customers because they trust our service with their business-critical documents. Building on top of Google Cloud Platform helped AODocs get SOC2 certified, thanks to the security of Google's network infrastructure and data centers,” says Donzé.

Servicing more than 1.8 million users in 75 countries

GCP has helped AODocs grow quickly since its 2012 launch: Its service is now installed on Google G Suite domains serving more than 1,800,000 users in 75 countries. More than 75 million Google Drive documents are managed by the platform.

GCP has freed AODocs engineers to focus on improving its service rather than managing infrastructure. Thanks to GCP, AODocs upgrades its software approximately 10 times a month, without any service interruption, and can run at reduced cost.

Donzé estimates that because his staff doesn’t have to manage servers and a data center, AODocs can operate with four to five fewer engineers than it would otherwise need, saving at least $500,000 per year.

“Our customers have a feature-rich, effective document-management solution thanks to Google Cloud Platform. We’re confident our product will be able to handle our growing user base while maintaining the user experience and security that our G Suite customers are used to,” says Donzé.

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