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Bare Metal Solution for Oracle

Bare Metal Solution for Oracle

Bring your Oracle workloads to Google Cloud with Bare Metal Solution and jumpstart your cloud journey with minimal risk.

  • State-of-the-art certified infrastructure, precision tuned to meet all your performance needs

  • Deploy Oracle capabilities like clustered databases, replication, and all performance features

  • Seamlessly take advantage of all Google Cloud services with less than 2 ms latency

  • Leverage your on-premises licensing, run books, database administrators, and system integrators

  • Billing, support, and SLA provided by Google Cloud


Fully managed certified database infrastructure

End-to-end infrastructure management including compute, storage, and networking. Fully managed and monitored data center operations such as power, cooling, smart hand support, and facilities. 

Experience the latest hardware

Consolidate your workloads on Intel Cascade Lake servers with the industry’s highest DRAM density. Latest NVMe Tier-1 storage is configured and tuned with decades of industry experience for demanding workloads.

All of Google Cloud, a millisecond away

Fully managed low latency network makes all Google Cloud services seamlessly accessible to all Oracle workloads. Set up Oracle Data Guard in a few clicks for cost effective backup storage on Cloud Storage.

Key features

Reliable, secure, and high-performance database infrastructure for your Oracle workloads

Seamlessly access all Oracle capabilities

Run Oracle databases the same way you do it, on-premises. Install Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC) on certified hardware for HA, use Oracle Data Guard for disaster recovery, and Oracle Recovery Manager (RMAN) for backups. Google Cloud's service catalog provides analogous topologies to all Oracle Maximum Availability Architecture templates. Migrate Oracle workloads with your preferred method (i.e. Oracle Data Guard, Oracle GoldenGate, Oracle Data Pump, or Oracle RMAN for backups). Maintain all your current playbooks, support runbooks, databases administrator teams, and system integrators.

Integrated support and billing

Enjoy a seamless experience with support for infrastructure, including defined SLAs for initial response, defined enterprise-grade SLA for infrastructure uptime and interconnect availability, 24/7 coverage for all Priority 1 and 2 issues, and unified billing across Google Cloud and Bare Metal Solution for Oracle.

Industry-leading data protection

Meet demanding compliance requirements with industry certifications such as ISO, PCI DSS, and HIPAA, plus regional certifications where applicable. Copy data management and backups provided by Actifio, fully integrated into Bare Metal Solution for Oracle.

Tools and services to simplify operations

Automate day-to-day operational database administrator tasks by either using Google’s open source Ansible based toolkit or Google Cloud's Kubernetes operator for Oracle. You can integrate these tools with their existing automation framework of choice. In addition, Google Cloud provides database and system administration professional services to further assist you with managing your Oracle workloads.

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Google Bare Metal Solution is our bridge to get off the Oracle database entirely. It gives us the flexibility to move the rest of our platform to the cloud so we can now modernize faster.

Austin Sheppard, CTO, StubHub

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