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Anthos unifies the management of infrastructure and applications across on-premises, edge, and in multiple public clouds with a Google Cloud-backed control plane for consistent operation at scale. 

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    Build, deploy, and optimize apps on GKE and VMs anywhere—simply, flexibly, and securely

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    Consistent development and operations experience for hybrid and multicloud environments

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    Achieve up to 4.8x ROI within 3 years according to the Forrester Total Economic Impact study


Manage applications anywhere

Anthos is a managed platform for all your application deployments, both traditional as well as cloud native. It enables you to build and manage global fleets and establish operational consistency across them.

Deliver software faster

Accelerate developer productivity and software delivery by bringing the benefit of cloud services, containers, and serverless across your deployments with cloud-native tooling and guidance from Google.

Protect applications and software supply chain

Anthos integrates security into each stage of the application life cycle, from develop to build to run, and automates security and policy management for all your deployments. 

Key features

Key features

Enterprise-grade container orchestration and management service

Anthos enables you to manage GKE clusters and workloads running on virtual machines across environments. You get consistent managed Kubernetes experience with simple installs as well as upgrades validated by Google. Anthos can run on your existing virtualized infrastructure and bare metal servers without a hypervisor layer. Anthos simplifies your application stack, reduces the costs associated with licensing a hypervisor, and decreases time spent learning new skills.

Automate policy and security at scale

Define, automate, and enforce policies across environments in order to meet your organization’s unique security and compliance requirements. Anthos Config Management evaluates changes and rolls them out to all Kubernetes clusters so that your desired state is always reflected.

Fully managed service mesh with built-in visibility

Anthos Service Mesh unburdens operations and development teams by empowering them to manage and secure traffic between services while monitoring, troubleshooting, and improving application performance.

Modernizing your security for hybrid and multi-cloud deployments

Anthos integrates security into each stage of the application life cycle—from develop to build to run—while enabling a defense-in-depth security strategy with a comprehensive portfolio of security controls across all of these deployment models.

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Anthos technical overview

An overview of Anthos components and how you can leverage its functionality across your deployments, from infrastructure management to application development.

Google Cloud Basics
Kubernetes service documentation

Explore installation guides, how-to’s, concepts, and other resources for hybrid and multicloud Kubernetes service.

Google Cloud Basics
Anthos Config Management documentation

Explore quickstarts, how-to’s, concepts, and other resources for Anthos Config Management.

Anthos Service Mesh documentation

See how to get started and dive into other resources for Anthos Service Mesh.

Deploying Kubernetes applications

Deploy a commercial Kubernetes app from Google Cloud Marketplace. Kubernetes apps include container images, kubectl configs, and Helm chart.

Getting started with Migrate for Anthos

Explore quickstarts, how-to’s, concepts, and other resources for Migrate for Anthos.

Deploy to Cloud Run for Anthos

Learn how to deploy and run a prebuilt sample container on your Google Cloud cluster as a Cloud Run for Anthos service.

Google Cloud Basics
Anthos on bare metal documentation

Anthos on bare metal takes advantage of your existing enterprise infrastructure and helps you modernize applications throughout their life cycle.

Configure and test a simple policy in Binary Authorization

View and test the default policy, then configure it to deny the deployment of all container images from Container Registry to Anthos clusters.

Use cases

Use cases

Use case
Modernize existing Java applications with Anthos

Java application modernization consists of three stages: lifting and modernizing suitable applications from running in VMs to running in containers without rewriting any code; deploying containerized applications to Anthos by using modern continuous integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD) practices; and refactoring applications to OSS application stacks, modern frameworks, and microservices over time. Learn more.

Reference pipeline for modernizing Java apps. The Java App goes through four phases: Lift and modernize to containers, Migrate to VMs on Google Cloud, Containerize and CI/CD, and Refactor into microservices
Use case
Migrating Cloud Foundry applications using Kf

As your teams standardize on Kubernetes, migrating from existing platforms like Cloud Foundry is often the biggest challenge. Kf was designed to help your teams minimize any disruption to developer workflows during the migration to Anthos. Kf enables a phased migration journey, with the first phase focused on application platform standardization, and the second phase focused on app modernization. Learn more.

Diagram with developer icon on left leading to square labeled Kf that flows to squares labeled Anthos Service Mesh, Tekton, Service Catalog, and Anthos Clusters. On right of diagram an Operator icon flows both to Kubectl, which flows to Anthos Clusters, and to Anthos Clusters directly.

All features

All features

Modernizing your security for hybrid and multicloud deployments Anthos integrates security into each stage of the application life cycle—from develop, to build, to run. Anthos enables a defense-in-depth security strategy with a comprehensive portfolio of security controls, across all of these deployment models.
Bringing the power of containers to your existing workloads Migrate for Anthos minimizes the manual effort required to move and convert existing applications into containers. With Migrate for Anthos, you can easily migrate and modernize your existing workloads to containers on a secure and managed Kubernetes service.
Accelerate adoption of day 2 operations For day 2 operations, save on labor and costs associated with maintaining, patching, and updating VMs and physical servers by switching to modern CI/CD pipelines, image-based management, and desired-state configuration with Anthos.
Bringing serverless everywhere Cloud Run for Anthos provides a flexible serverless development platform and allows you to deploy your workloads to Anthos clusters, all with the same consistent experience. Cloud Run for Anthos is Google's managed and fully supported Knative offering, an open source project that supports serverless workloads on Kubernetes.
Deploy containerized apps from Google Cloud Marketplace Kubernetes applications from Google Cloud Marketplace are enterprise-ready containerized solutions with prebuilt deployment templates, featuring portability, simplified licensing, and consolidated billing.
Toil-free traffic management for your service mesh Traffic Director is a fully managed traffic control plane for service mesh. With Traffic Director, you can easily deploy global load balancing across clusters and VM instances in multiple regions, offload health checking from service proxies, and configure sophisticated traffic control policies.
Monitor, troubleshoot, and improve application performance Google Cloud's operations suite (formerly Stackdriver) provides visibility into the performance, uptime, and overall health of cloud-powered applications. Collect metrics, logs, and traces across Google Cloud and your applications. Use built-in out-of-the-box dashboards and views to monitor the platform and applications.
Eliminate the dependency on hypervisors when modernizing apps Anthos on bare metal is a deployment option to run Anthos on physical servers, deployed on an operating system provided by you, without a hypervisor layer for better performance. Anthos on bare metal lets you extend Anthos to new scenarios such as edge locations and support for your mission critical applications.
Anthos multicloud

Anthos Multicloud API enables you to provision and manage GKE clusters running on AWS and Azure infrastructure through a centralized Google Cloud backed control plane. This means that your team can have a consistent experience to create, manage, and update GKE clusters, regardless of which public cloud you're using.


Anthos for VMs Anthos for VM in preview, supports development teams that want to standardize on Kubernetes but have existing workloads running on virtual machines that cannot be easily containerized. Anthos for VMs lets you modernize virtual machine workloads with the power of Kubernetes. We also provide a fit assessment tool to identify which of your VMs are the best candidates to Shift or Attach. 



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