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AMD and Google Cloud

AMD and Google Cloud collaborate to provide high performance computing solutions tailored to meet a wide variety of workloads, so you can confidently pursue digital innovation in the cloud.

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Harness the power of AMD processors for Google Cloud workloads

World-class performance

AMD-based VMs are built on Google Cloud’s resilient, scalable global infrastructure powered by EPYC™ processors which hold over 300+ records and deliver exceptional performance to our customers.

Cost optimization

AMD's collaboration with Google Cloud is driving cost savings for our customers, with VM users experiencing an impressive reduction in their compute costs.


AMD is dedicated to sustainability, aligning with our mission to empower businesses to achieve more with AMD VMs. By optimizing resources, we boost efficiency and promote a greener future.

Key features

Find a Google Cloud and AMD VM for every workload

General-purpose (C3D, N2D)

Our latest C3D VMs represent the pinnacle of our general-purpose offerings, boasting a capacity of up to 360 vCPUs all driven by the 4th Gen AMD EPYC™ Genoa processors.

N2D general-purpose VMs can run on 2nd Gen EPYC Rome or 3rd Gen EPYC Milan. N2D is optimized for flexibility and has the highest number of predefined machine types to select in the Compute Engine portfolio.

Single-threaded general-purpose (T2D)

The 3rd Gen AMD EPYC Milan T2D instances are a cost-effective, high-performance solution tailored to your scale-out workloads, making them ideal for a range of cloud-native applications like media transcoding and image processing. The T2D machine series features vCPUs equivalent to full cores since simultaneous multithreading is turned off, further optimizing your computing resources.

Compute-optimized (C2D)

C2D VMs on 3rd Gen AMD EPYC Milan processors are best-suited for high performance computing (HPC) with its expansive VM sizes. Notably, it boasts the largest last-level cache (LLC) per core to support compute-bound workloads.

Confidential Computing (N2D, C2D)

Confidential Computing protects data in use using hardware-based Trusted Execution Environments (TEEs). Confidential VMs leverage AMD Secure Encrypted Virtualization (AMD SEV) and AMD SEV-Secure Nested Paging (AMD SEV-SNP) to safeguard sensitive data and workloads during processing. Confidential Space, Confidential Dataflow, and Confidential Dataproc are all powered by AMD confidential computing.

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