This page provides troubleshooting tips for Transfer Appliance.

Tamper-evident tags are missing or don't match

The Transfer Appliance is shipped with numbered, tamper-evident tags. You will receive you a shipping alert email that includes a list of the numbered tags affixed to the shipping crate. If the tags are missing or the seal numbers don't match those listed in the email, send an email to Transfer Appliance support.

You received a damaged Transfer Appliance

If the Transfer Appliance arrives with damaged or missing components, follow these steps to document the damage and return Transfer Appliance for a replacement:

  1. Take pictures of any damages, signs of tampering, or areas with missing components.
  2. Send an email to Transfer Appliance support, including:

    • Pictures of the damage.
    • Description of the damages, including affected areas, severity and causes of the damage.
    • Description of missing components.

    Upon receipt of the email, Transfer Appliance support will email you instructions on next steps, including return shipping label information.

Transfer Appliance doesn't power on

  1. Check if the two power cords are firmly plugged into power supplies on one side of Transfer Appliance and the power outlets on the other side.

  2. Check if the LED lights on each of the power supplies in Transfer Appliance

    are green (this indicates that the power is on).

  3. Replace the power cords. Make sure that the replacement power cords have the same power capacity as the original power cords.

  4. Retry steps 1-2.

  5. If Transfer Appliance doesn't turn on, record the front panel and LED color displayed on the power supplies (green/red/amber), and email the information to Transfer Appliance support.

No network connection

If the appliance isn't connected to the network, the Transfer Appliance Console User Interface on the Transfer Appliance displays this message after you boot: "Network cable is not connected to appliance." Possible causes are:

  • Network cables are faulty.
  • Another system is using the same IP address assigned to Transfer Appliance.

Try the following to connect Transfer Appliance to your network:

  • Check that both ends of the network cables are connected properly.

  • Check that the LED lights on both ends of the network cables are turned on.

  • Power cycle Transfer Appliance.

  • If Transfer Appliance display shows an IP address, use networking commands like ping and telnet to ping Transfer Appliance.

  • Check if there is an external firewall on the switch/router that is preventing the network packets from transferring between Transfer Appliance and the source device.

If none of these approaches resolve the issue, email Transfer Appliance support.

Power or network interruption during data capture

If Transfer Appliance encounters an interruption, like a power failure or network outage, during the data capture, follow these instructions to resume failed jobs:

  1. Sign into the Transfer Appliance Web User Interface.
  2. Navigate to Job Monitor.
  3. Check for failed jobs.
  4. Record the data source for failed jobs.
  5. Create new jobs for each failed job using the same data source. The Web User Interface prompts you to resume.
  6. Click Yes. The resumed job(s) appears in the Job Monitor. For more information, see Retrying failed jobs.

404 error when entering Transfer Appliance IP address

If you encounter a 404 error when entering the Transfer Appliance IP address in your browser, make sure that:

  • The Transfer Appliance is running.
  • The IP address is correct.
  • You can access the Transfer Appliance Web User Interface by pinging the IP address assigned to the appliance. If the 404 error persists, email Transfer Appliance support.

"Failed - Download error" when initiating Download Windows Utility

If you use Google Chrome browser and a "Failed - Download Error" appears, follow the instructions in Fix file download errors and download the Capture Utility.

Administrator messages when running TACaptureUtilitySetup.exe installer

You need a user account with administrator privileges to install the TAcaptureUtility.exe file. Windows prompts you for an administrator password.

If the message "The administrator has set policies to prevent this installation" appears when you install the file, the User Account Control is incorrect or you need to edit the Local Security Policy. For more information, see system administration installation policies.

Invalid data capture input parameters

The Capture Utility validates input parameters. For an insufficient number of parameters, for example, too few or too many parameters, a usage prompt appears. Check the usage prompt and provide input in the required format.

NFS shares are suspended

When there is less than 500GB of space on Transfer Appliance, all NFS shares are marked as suspended, and you can't copy more data onto the NFS share. To make more space available, initiate processing of one or more NFS shares. Check that all files are copied in full, and that there are no partially copied files. For more information, see Exporting an NFS Share.

What's next

If you still haven't been able to resolve your issue with Transfer Appliance, see Getting Support.