Order Transfer Appliance

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You can order Transfer Appliance from the Google Cloud console. To order an appliance, enable the Transfer Appliance API and add the required Identity and Access Management (IAM) permissions to access the ordering page.

Enable Transfer Appliance API

Enable the Transfer Appliance API.

Transfer Appliance API

Enable required permissions

To get the permissions that you need to access the ordering screen or view order status information, ask your administrator to grant you the following IAM roles on Transfer Appliance:

  • Access to order Transfer Appliance: Transfer Appliance Admin (roles/transferappliance.admin)
  • Read-only access to order status information: Transfer Appliance Viewer (roles/transferappliance.viewer)

For more information about granting roles, see Manage access.

Order Transfer Appliance

Once the required permissions are granted, go to the Transfer Appliance order page:

  1. On the Order appliance page, enter your delivery location and choose Transfer Appliance for the appliance type.

    Go to Transfer Appliance ordering

  2. In the Choose hardware specs page, select storage capacity for the appliance and form factor. Choose one of the following types of connectivity options you want on the Transfer Appliance. Hardware specs cannot be changed after the order has been placed.

    • Enabled connectivity: Lets you set the appliance in online mode and perform data transfers remotely.

    • Disabled connectivity: Blocks the appliance from going online. Data is transferred to the Transfer Appliance and must be shipped back to Google to upload data from the appliance to Cloud Storage.

  3. In the Configure appliance settings page, enter a name for your appliance and a destination Cloud Storage bucket for the data to be ingested into from the appliance.

  4. In the Enter contact and delivery information page, enter contact and delivery details.

  5. In the Review order page, confirm that the entered information is correct and click Submit order.

The order appears in the Google Cloud console under Appliances. You can view order details such as Appliance ID, appliance status, appliance model, order status, and the date you placed the order.