Access your data in Cloud Storage

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Once your appliance is received, the data is transferred from the appliance onto your Cloud Storage destination bucket. After the transfer is complete, an email is sent titled, Google Transfer Appliance: Your Data Transfer Has Been Completed. After receiving this email, you can validate the transferred data using the following methods:

Review the list of objects in your bucket

To validate your data by reviewing the list of objects in your bucket, do the following:

  1. List the objects in your bucket. If you provided an object prefix when providing bucket configuration details, the objects are displayed after the prefix.

  2. Verify that the data you transferred to the appliance is listed in your bucket.

Review auto-generated log files

After the data transfer is complete, you can review multiple auto-generated .csv log files in the destination bucket that list the files that successfully transferred and failed to transfer on to the appliance.

To find the most recent transfer log files, check the folder with the latest TIMESTAMP.

  • DESTINATION_BUCKET_NAME/transferappliance/logs/SESSION_ID/TIMESTAMP/transferred.FILE_NUMBER.csv

  • DESTINATION_BUCKET_NAME/transferappliance/logs/SESSION_ID/TIMESTAMP/failed-to-transfer.FILE_NUMBER.csv

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