Procedure guide

This page describes the high-level procedure for ordering, installing, and returning Transfer Appliance. It includes the expected interactions between you and Google.

Before you begin

Before ordering, use the following checklist to ensure that your environment supports using Transfer Appliance.

  • Review the Transfer Appliance specifications and confirm the following for your facility:

    • Power capabilities
    • Cooling capabilities
    • Physical space requirements
  • Identify the servers and the folders that contain data to transfer.

  • Confirm that employees performing the transfer have the correct permissions to access the data for the transfer.

  • Review that your data meets the following criteria:

    • Individual files are less than 5 terabytes (TB) in size.

    • File names follow object naming guidelines.

    • Files are regular files or Unix-style hidden files. Unix-style hidden files start with a . character.

    • Folders contain files. Empty folders are not created in Cloud Storage, because objects don't reside within subdirectories within a Cloud Storage bucket.

    • Maximum path length of 1024 bytes, which includes the optional object prefix specified when you provide Transfer Appliance Team with bucket configuration data.

Preparing for an appliance

To prepare for Transfer Appliance, do the following:

  1. When you're ready to transfer your data, apply for Transfer Appliance.

  2. When we've accepted your application for Transfer Appliance, we'll send you an email to complete a site survey. This survey ensures that we select the correct appliance for your needs and collects the address that we'll ship the appliance to.

  3. When we're ready, we'll send you an email to prepare IAM permissions and storage.

    This step prepares the Cloud Storage bucket to store your data and the Cloud KMS keys used to encrypt your data on the appliance.

Receiving an appliance

To receive an appliance, follow these steps:

  1. Track the appliance shipped to you. We'll email you when it is delivered to your shipping address. Verify the package contents to ensure that you have everything required to use the appliance.

  2. Before connecting the appliance to your network, validate that it hasn't been tampered with during shipping.

    Contact Transfer Appliance Team with the Transfer Appliance Attestation Passcode returned by the appliance. Transfer Appliance Team will either provide you with login credentials if the appliance hasn't been tampered with, or arrange to ship another appliance to you if the appliance has been tampered with.

  3. After receiving login credentials from Transfer Appliance Team, do the following:

    1. Configure IP network ports.
    2. Connect the appliance to your network.
    3. Configure the appliance software.

Capturing data to the appliance

To capture your data, follow these steps:

  1. Use copy tools of your choice to copy data to the appliance.

  2. After you've completed all copying to the device, finalize the copied data to prepare for shipping.

    Verify that you've copied all data to the device before finalizing. Finalizing the data removes the decryption key from the device and prevents you from copying additional data without deleting all data previously copied.

    As part of the finalization step, email Transfer Appliance Team the finalization passcode to request a shipping label.

  3. Transfer Appliance Team will email you a shipping label to print. Once you have the shipping label, package and return the appliance.

Completing your copy

After returning the appliance, do the following to complete your transfer:

  1. Verify we've received your appliance.

    Transfer Appliance Team emails you when we receive your appliance at our data transfer center. We'll start transferring data from the appliance to the Cloud Storage bucket indicated in Prepare IAM permissions and storage.

You may request the status of the copy job by contacting Transfer Appliance Team.

  1. Verify that we completed your transfer.

    Transfer Appliance Team emails you when we've completed transferring data from the appliance to your Cloud Storage bucket.

  2. Validate your data in the destination Cloud Storage bucket to verify that your data transferred as you expected.

  3. Optional: You may request a Transfer Appliance wipe certificate to verify that we've securely wiped all data after copying it to Cloud Storage. If you're interested in a wipe certificate, contact Transfer Appliance Team.

  4. After transfer is complete, you will be billed for the transfer.