Transfer Appliance is a high capacity storage server that enables you to transfer up to one petabyte of data on a single appliance and securely ship it to a Google upload facility, where the data is uploaded to Google Cloud Storage. You can serially lease multiple Transfer Appliances if your data size exceeds one petabyte.

Transfer Appliance offers two models:

  • The rackable TA100, which stores from 100 terabytes (TB) up to potentially 200 TB of data, depending on the deduplication and compression ratio of your data.
  • The standalone TA480, which stores from 480 TB up to potentially 1 petabyte (PB).

Where is Transfer Appliance available?

Transfer Appliance is available in the following locations:

Location TA100 TA480
United States
European Union beta beta
Norway beta beta
Switzerland beta beta

Data transfer speeds

With a typical network bandwidth of 100 Mbps, one petabyte of data takes about 3 years to upload. However, with Transfer Appliance, you can receive the appliance and capture a petabyte of data in under 25 days. Your data can be accessed in Cloud Storage within another 25 days, all without consuming any outbound network bandwidth.

Apply for the Transfer Appliance by filling out the Transfer Appliance application form. For more information on Transfer Appliance pricing, see Transfer Appliance Pricing.

Is Transfer Appliance suitable for me?

Transfer Appliance is a good fit for your data transfer needs if:

  • You are an existing Google Cloud Platform (GCP) customer.
  • Your data size is greater than or equal to 20TB.
  • Your data resides in locations that Transfer Appliance is available.

When should I use Transfer Appliance?

Use Transfer Appliance if your dataset meets these conditions:

  • It would take more than one week to upload your data.
  • You have 20 TB or more data, regardless of the connection speed.

Refer to the following table to see the approximate upload time for your dataset, based on size and network speed.

Dataset upload times.

Data handling for the European Union

Appliances are shipped from the Netherlands. When data capture is complete, you ship the appliance to Belgium for data upload. Your data is then uploaded to a Cloud Storage staging bucket in the region you chose as the final destination for your data when you signed up for the appliance. If you choose a destination region within the EU, your data never leaves the boundaries of the European Union during any part of the data transfer process.

Other data transfer options

What's next

To start using Transfer Appliance, see Preparing for Data Transfer.

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