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Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR)

Part of Chronicle Security Operations, Chronicle SOAR enables modern, fast and effective response to cyber threats by combining playbook automation, case management and integrated threat intelligence in one cloud-native, intuitive experience.

  • Automate up to 98% of Tier 1 tasks  

  • Reduce analyst caseload by up to 80%

  • Speed response 10x


Interpret and resolve threats faster

Shift the paradigm by uniting context with a threat-centric approach, empowering analysts to quickly focus on what’s truly important instead of drowning in analysis and data.

Deploy, maintain and scale with ease

Designed for fast time-to-value and ease of scaling with pre-packaged use cases, an intuitive playbook builder, and powerful playbook lifecycle management.

Capture security operations insights

Empower teams to consolidate and easily see the scope of activities, generate insights that drive improvement, and measure progress over time.

Key features

Key features

Case Management

Ingest, group, prioritize, assign and investigate security alerts from all your detection tools with case management that is purpose-built for security operations.


Easily build playbooks that drive consistency in your response processes and automate repetitive tasks. Orchestrate the tools you rely on with zero-coding or create integrations using a built-in Python IDE.


Focus on threats, rather than alerts, to get to the root cause in seconds and visualize the who/what/when of an attack.

Integrated Threat Intelligence

Ingrain threat intelligence across the entire detection and response lifecycle by automating the collection, management and sharing of threat intelligence.


Collaborate on every case, capture and document all SOC activity to drive security team effectiveness and transparency.


Make SOAR a game changer for your SOC

See how SOAR can help your team move beyond the daily cyber grind and concentrate on what matters most - building resiliency and investigating and remediating real threats, fast.

"Chronicle SOAR Siemplify has been a game-changer for our SOC! It has improved our tool integrations and capabilities during a period of significant growth in our SOC."

SOC Director, IT Services Industry


Explore Chronicle SOAR

Chronicle SOAR Product Tour

Take a tour of Chronicle SOAR, which sets you up with the building blocks you need to think beyond the traditional SOC and move into an anywhere operations mindset.

APIs & Libraries
Chronicle Marketplace

Check out our integrations, use cases, playbook components and analytics needs to get up and running with SOAR in no time.

The Blueprint of Modern Security Operations

This e-book comprehensively and clearly sketches out a vision for your SOC’s renewal in today’s location-independent era of “anywhere” security operations.


Talk to a SOAR expert

Schedule time with a Chronicle SOAR expert to answer technical questions, discuss pricing or take a deeper dive of the SOAR product.