Exciting news: We just launched our partnership with Palantir.
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Palantir on Google Cloud

Google Cloud and Palantir are partnering to help businesses accelerate their operational analytics journeys and support digital transformations in key industries, including retail, financial services, and supply chain.


Accelerate time to value to solve critical, operational business problems

Faster onboarding of data

SDDI automates integration of ERP/CRM, populating your data platform in hours. Within days, end users begin to interact with the data and configure visualizations, analytics, and business-centric workflows.

Empower enterprises with a single source of truth

Businesses that use Foundry can bring together BigQuery data with a variety of other data sources that may live on-premises, in other clouds or across different platforms. Customers can also write data back.

AI & data analytics available to enterprise customers

Palantir Foundry on Google Cloud helps businesses systematically prepare their data, instantly build 360-degree views of key business objects, and leverage business applications that drive decision-making.

Key features

Manage industry-specific operational challenges with Palantir on Google Cloud

This new partnership is focused on addressing specific commercial industry use cases, helping businesses tackle their toughest operational issues.


Palantir Foundry helps store, pricing, promotion, and merchandising managers to run their day-to-day businesses. Turn overstock into promotion. Drive excellent pricing strategy and optimization. Manage customer marketing, customer analytics, and customer, product, and store 360-degree visibility.

Supply chain

Palantir' Foundry helps supply chain analysts and inventory or store managers to drive operational excellence across their supply chain business and turn challenges into opportunities. All of this is accomplished through breaking down data silos to create a single source of truth to ensure products are manufactured and delivered to the right locations at the right times. 

Financial services and insurance

Banks can better detect fraud and money laundering activities by threading transaction data, online activity, and fraud alert data in Foundry. Storing the combined datasets in Google BigQuery and layering on AI/ML models uncovers key insights and connections.


Providing unprecedented visibility into providers, members, and claims and improving medical adherence are just two of the many very powerful use cases that healthcare providers and scientists can leverage with Palantir on Google Cloud.


Breaking down silos across CPE, CRM, and network topology, inventory and performance data can give a Telco provider insights to empower teams to take action and improve response times for the best customer experience and improved network management.

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