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Migrate from OpenShift

Make your applications portable, multicloud and cloud-native. Reduce your total cost of ownership by reducing licensing and operational costs. Leverage cloud services to quickly add smartness to your applications.


Standardize applications with Kubernetes Resource Model

Centralized multicloud experience

With a centralized and fully managed multi-cluster management solution, centralized logging, and monitoring you have just one place to go for operations.

Avoid vendor lock-in

Kubernetes is about portability, not a customized implementation from a particular vendor. Avoid your applications being tied to a vendor's resource model, their middleware or operating system.

Leverage 1P services to build smart applications

First party services from Google Cloud can give a leap jump to your application capabilities. Running your containerized applications on GKE and Anthos allows you to easily integrate with these services.

Key features

Future-proof your application platform

Migrating from vendor-specific implementation like OpenShift to GKE/Anthos will set you on a path towards future proofing your application platform

Migration Tooling

Leverage open source migration scripts and shifter tool to migrate your applications from OpenShift to GKE/Anthos. Feel free to customize the scripts for your needs or leverage Google's professional services/partner support to help with migration.

Leverage global networking advantages

Multi-cluster ingress where single load balancer points to multiple clusters. Cloud interconnect to connect clusters across datacenters. Direct connectivity from load balancer to pods. Access via Google VPC. Private clusters hidden from the internet.

Centralize configuration and policy management across clusters

With Anthos Config Management (ACM), automate policy and security at scale for Kubernetes clusters on-premises, on GKE and on other public clouds.

Reduce operations overhead

With centralized logging, audit trails, monitoring and APM, achieve consistent experience across multiple kubernetes clusters. Implement cross-cluster application management, out-of-the-box telemetry, automation of health monitoring through SLOs and error budget management.

Speed up your application delivery speed and security

Improve day-in-the-life of a container developer. Make GKE your application development environment, and ease container developer experience with tools such as Cloud Code, Skaffold, JIB, Buildpacks and more. Improve the DevOps speed and security with serverless CI/CD using technologies such as Cloud Build, Cloud Deploy, Artifact Registry, Artifact Analysis and Binary Authorization. 

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Migration from OpenShift to GKE/Anthos

Best Practice
Migration guide

Plan, design, and implement migration from OpenShift to Anthos.

APIs & Libraries
Migration scripts

Open source scripts that help migrate an OpenShift cluster including projects, security policies, and applications to Anthos or GKE.

APIs & Libraries
Shifter tool

Quickly convert OpenShift manifests to standard kubernetes manifests for GKE or Anthos.