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Intelligent products

Intelligent products PREVIEW

Rapidly build products with personalized ownership experiences, updatable capabilities, and customer insights using AI at the edge and analytics in the cloud. 

  • End-to-end solution connects, organizes, and delivers AI-insights from your customer data

  • Flexible architecture integrates with your existing connected products

  • Rapidly develop and monetize new product capabilities, apps, and services


Create engaging product ownership experiences

Confidently develop and deploy AI-enabled features in the cloud or deliver over the air (OTA) to your product.

Improve customer feedback loops

Seamlessly combine product, service, user app, support, and point of sale in a data lake to create a feedback loop between products and customer outcomes.

Accelerate product roadmap

Rapidly configure, deploy, and integrate with your existing tech investments to prove business value fast.

Key features

Solution components

Intelligent Products Essentials

This solution contains software to help manufacturers rapidly launch intelligent features for their products on Google Cloud, including:

 1. Device Telemetry Streaming - Connect, ingest, and store real time and historical time series data from various device platforms using Pub/Sub.

2. Microservices - Secure, scalable API services built with Cloud Run for accessing product telemetry and AI insights in applications.

3. Analytics and BI - Integrate product and customer data sources into BigQuery with Dataflow, create dashboards with Looker, and develop customer and product insights with Vertex AI.

4.  User App - Connect apps via APIs and track app behavior analytics with Firebase.

Pre-built app templates

This solution contains pre-built app templates that allows manufacturers to easily build connected product experiences, including:

1.  Ownership App - Pre-built Angular JS UI components to incorporate product registration, identity management, product analytics, and notifications into a mobile- and desktop-compatible product ownership app, while providing customer behavior analytics in Firebase.


Key documents to help you get started


Intelligent Products Essentials - reference architecture

Technical reference architecture of Intelligent Products Essentials on Google Cloud.

Train an AutoML model for edge deployment

Train an AutoML Edge model using Vertex AI API.

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Use cases

Use cases

Use case
Personalize digital ownership experience

Provide a compelling ownership experience that evolves over the lifetime of the product, by providing capabilities such as personalized support via a chatbot to quickly resolve support incidents with contextualized responses. 

Use case
Dealer service and support

Create a dealer service portal to remotely diagnose product issues and provide resolution recommendations, minimizing downtime and increasing success rates of in-person service.

Use case
Predict parts and service issues

Detect operating anomalies before they cause failures using AI models in the cloud or on the product edge, reducing warranty claims and decreasing parts shortages.



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