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Continuous integration (CI)

Fast feedback on code changes at scale.

Build quality software faster

Get new features in front of your customers faster, while improving developer productivity and software quality. Google Cloud’s continuous integration tools let you create automated builds, run tests, provision environments, and scan artifacts for security vulnerabilities — all within minutes.

Why Google Cloud for continuous integration

Improve development efficiency and productivity

Speed up developer feedback by running builds and tests on machines connected via Google’s high-performance global network. Execute builds in parallel over multiple machines for fast feedback. Spend less time debugging with detailed insights.

Scale without worrying about maintenance

Worried about long build and test times as you scale your team? Google Cloud’s continuous integration tools auto scale to let you run hundreds or thousands of builds as your team or project grows. Choose from a range of virtual machines to get even faster execution at scale.

Build security and compliance into your CI pipeline

Bake in security from the get-go. Scan for security vulnerabilities as soon as artifacts are created. Detailed reports are provided on vulnerability impact and available fixes. Define policies for different environments so that only verified artifacts get deployed.

Get maximum flexibility

Package your source into Docker containers or non-container artifacts with build tools such as Maven, Gradle, webpack, Go, or Bazel. Perform specific build and test steps as a part of your CI workflow. Run unit and integration tests concurrently to ensure your code works.

Extend CI into CD

Deploy to VMs, serverless, Kubernetes, or Firebase as a part of your continuous delivery (CD) process with Google Cloud’s continuous integration tools. Use multi-cloud continuous delivery tools like Spinnaker to automate all the steps, from code to deploy.

Use your favorite tools

Spin up environments with tools like Terraform and Packer as a part of your CI pipeline. Use Google Cloud’s CI tools with existing CI services like Jenkins, GitLab, and TeamCity to reduce administrative overhead, speed up complex builds, and improve security.

Reference pipeline

Automated build, test, and security scanning for delivering quality software at speed.

reference pipeline
Use cases

Connecting to GitHub projects for CI

Native support for GitHub pull requests. Run automated builds and tests for changes pushed to a GitHub repository.

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Building CI pipelines for serverless applications

Use Cloud Build and GitHub for automating continuous integration workflow for serverless applications.

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Extending CI into CD

Use Cloud Build to create pipelines and identify package vulnerabilities. Plus, integrate Cloud Build with Spinnaker for CD.

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CI/CD for hybrid and multi-cloud

Use Cloud Build to securely connect to your on-premises resources and automate the build, test, and deploy processes.

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Our customers

Start-ups, enterprises, and everything in between trust Google Cloud for continuous integration.

We found Cloud Build to be feature rich, yet also easy to learn and use. We use its parallelization and caching capabilities to speed up our container builds, and leverage its container analysis API to bless our images. Its reliability has allowed us to focus our attention on other areas.

Riley Shott, Production Engineer, Shopify
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