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Meet your company’s business needs and development priorities quickly, flexibly, and securely with Google Cloud’s application modernization portfolio.

80% of CIOs and CTOs say their company hasn’t reached the IT agility it needs

Realizing the cloud’s potential means thinking beyond lift and shift. Even companies born in the cloud are continually trying to improve their agility. But this often means sacrificing speed for security, or preferred tools for uniformity. Google Cloud helps you modernize or build new apps across hybrid and multi-cloud alike: flexibly and securely, with no vendor lock-in, and in days, not months.

An open platform for modernizing in a hybrid and multi-cloud world

Deliver connected experiences faster with APIs

Google Cloud’s API management platform, Apigee, helps you respond faster to new customer demands and deliver a unified experience. By bridging legacy systems to modern applications and “wrapping” clunky legacy user interfaces and processes, Apigee provides a clean API facade for better application management.

Simplify your modernization with Anthos

Google Cloud’s Anthos platform helps you modernize your applications while easily managing the complexity of fragmented processes that can slow you down. It gives you a uniform platform anywhere you need it across hybrid and multi-cloud deployments.

Accelerate your innovation by building apps in the cloud

Gain speed without compromising security or quality by embracing our cloud-native approaches like serverless, microservices, and container solutions.

Why Google Cloud

Benefit from our open source technology leadership

Google Cloud’s expertise with managed containers and microservices can help maximize your platform’s value, while going open source avoids vendor lock-in.

Build your apps once, run them anywhere

The Anthos platform frees you from trade-offs that sacrifice speed and preferred tools, letting you modernize at your own pace and deliver software faster while improving operational security and governance.

Encourage innovation by going full-stack serverless

Our full stack of serverless workloads—from compute to machine learning, AI, and analytics—lets you focus on innovation with almost no effort on operations.

Drive growth with Apigee API management

Our industry-leading API management offering, Apigee, gives you the ability to expose your services, easily and more securely, as APIs to your employees, customers, and partners, to drive innovation.



Anthos is an open application modernization platform that enables you to modernize your existing apps, build new ones, and run them anywhere while maintaining consistency between on-premises and cloud environments.

Modernize legacy applications

Deliver new experiences to your customers, partners, and employees by leveraging and modernizing your legacy services for use alongside cloud-native applications.

New business channels using APIs

APIs enable you to unlock new digital channels and business models by securely sharing valuable data and services as APIs to your employees, customers, and partners.

Cloud-native application development

Use Google Cloud’s end-to-end solution, right from code. Build and manage to get velocity without trading off security or compromising quality.

Website and web apps solutions

Deliver and host your web experience on Google Cloud’s fast, scalable VMs.

Continuous delivery

Create fast, efficient pipelines for end-to-end automation from source to production.

Continuous integration

Create automated builds, run tests, provision environments, and scan artifacts for security vulnerabilities—all within minutes.

Mobile solutions

Create compelling mobile apps without having to manage infrastructure, thanks to comprehensive Google Cloud solutions that focus on ease of use and speed.

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