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This site contains information about Google's certifications and compliance standards it satisfies as well as general information about certain region or sector-specific regulations.

NHS Digital Commercial Third-Party Information Governance Requirements

Requirements for third-party cloud providers that have access to United Kingdom (UK) National Health Service (NHS) healthcare data.

All organisations that have access to United Kingdom (UK) National Health Service (NHS) patient data must provide assurances that they practice good information governance. This includes healthcare service providers, commissioners, and suppliers/vendors. A major part of demonstrating good information governance practices is aligning with requirements set up by these stakeholders, such as the NHS Department of Health’s (DH) Information Governance Toolkit (IG Toolkit) This toolkit allows organizations to assess themselves or be assessed against Information Governance policies and standards.

Demonstrating how an organisation meets NHS information governance requirements against the IG Toolkit can be difficult. With a trusted partner like Google as your cloud service provider, meeting these requirements is easier. Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is built with security - a key component of information governance - as a core design and development principle.

We’ve published a whitepaper that discusses the compliance landscape for UK health data and, for organisations accessing patient data in England, an overview of NHS Digital and the IG Toolkit. We look at the shared responsibility model for security and compliance, and examine the different roles our customers and Google have in managing these functions. We demonstrate in the whitepaper how we have implemented the IG Toolkit requirements and how we can help our customers meet their applicable requirements.