Class StreamingRecognitionResult (2.30.0)

StreamingRecognitionResult(mapping=None, *, ignore_unknown_fields=False, **kwargs)

Contains a speech recognition result corresponding to a portion of the audio that is currently being processed or an indication that this is the end of the single requested utterance.

While end-user audio is being processed, Dialogflow sends a series of results. Each result may contain a transcript value. A transcript represents a portion of the utterance. While the recognizer is processing audio, transcript values may be interim values or finalized values. Once a transcript is finalized, the is_final value is set to true and processing continues for the next transcript.

If StreamingDetectIntentRequest.query_input.audio_config.single_utterance was true, and the recognizer has completed processing audio, the message_type value is set to `END_OF_SINGLE_UTTERANCE and the following (last) result contains the last finalized transcript.

The complete end-user utterance is determined by concatenating the finalized transcript values received for the series of results.

In the following example, single utterance is enabled. In the case where single utterance is not enabled, result 7 would not occur.


2"to be a"TRANSCRIPTfalse
3"to be"TRANSCRIPTfalse
4"to be or not to be"TRANSCRIPTtrue
6"that isTRANSCRIPTfalse
8" that is the question"TRANSCRIPTtrue

Concatenating the finalized transcripts with is_final set to true, the complete utterance becomes "to be or not to be that is the question".


Type of the result message.
transcript str
Transcript text representing the words that the user spoke. Populated if and only if message_type = TRANSCRIPT.
is_final bool
If false, the StreamingRecognitionResult represents an interim result that may change. If true, the recognizer will not return any further hypotheses about this piece of the audio. May only be populated for message_type = TRANSCRIPT.
confidence float
The Speech confidence between 0.0 and 1.0 for the current portion of audio. A higher number indicates an estimated greater likelihood that the recognized words are correct. The default of 0.0 is a sentinel value indicating that confidence was not set. This field is typically only provided if is_final is true and you should not rely on it being accurate or even set.
stability float
An estimate of the likelihood that the speech recognizer will not change its guess about this interim recognition result: - If the value is unspecified or 0.0, Dialogflow didn't compute the stability. In particular, Dialogflow will only provide stability for TRANSCRIPT results with is_final = false. - Otherwise, the value is in (0.0, 1.0] where 0.0 means completely unstable and 1.0 means completely stable.
speech_word_info MutableSequence[]
Word-specific information for the words recognized by Speech in transcript. Populated if and only if message_type = TRANSCRIPT and [InputAudioConfig.enable_word_info] is set.
speech_end_offset google.protobuf.duration_pb2.Duration
Time offset of the end of this Speech recognition result relative to the beginning of the audio. Only populated for message_type = TRANSCRIPT.
language_code str
Detected language code for the transcript.
DTMF digits. Populated if and only if message_type = DTMF_DIGITS.




Type of the response message.

Values: MESSAGE_TYPE_UNSPECIFIED (0): Not specified. Should never be used. TRANSCRIPT (1): Message contains a (possibly partial) transcript. DTMF_DIGITS (3): Message contains DTMF digits. END_OF_SINGLE_UTTERANCE (2): This event indicates that the server has detected the end of the user's speech utterance and expects no additional speech. Therefore, the server will not process additional audio (although it may subsequently return additional results). The client should stop sending additional audio data, half-close the gRPC connection, and wait for any additional results until the server closes the gRPC connection. This message is only sent if single_utterance was set to true, and is not used otherwise. PARTIAL_DTMF_DIGITS (4): Message contains DTMF digits. Before a message with DTMF_DIGITS is sent, a message with PARTIAL_DTMF_DIGITS may be sent with DTMF digits collected up to the time of sending, which represents an intermediate result.