Class StreamingDetectIntentResponse (2.15.2)

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    mapping=None, *, ignore_unknown_fields=False, **kwargs

The top-level message returned from the StreamingDetectIntent method.

Multiple response messages can be returned in order:

  1. If the StreamingDetectIntentRequest.input_audio field was set, the recognition_result field is populated for one or more messages. See the StreamingRecognitionResult message for details about the result message sequence.

  2. The next message contains response_id, query_result and optionally webhook_status if a WebHook was called.


response_id str
The unique identifier of the response. It can be used to locate a response in the training example set or for reporting issues.
The result of speech recognition.
The result of the conversational query or event processing.
webhook_status google.rpc.status_pb2.Status
Specifies the status of the webhook request.
output_audio bytes
The audio data bytes encoded as specified in the request. Note: The output audio is generated based on the values of default platform text responses found in the ``query_result.fulfillment_messages`` field. If multiple default text responses exist, they will be concatenated when generating audio. If no default platform text responses exist, the generated audio content will be empty. In some scenarios, multiple output audio fields may be present in the response structure. In these cases, only the top-most-level audio output has content.
The config used by the speech synthesizer to generate the output audio.


builtins.object > proto.message.Message > StreamingDetectIntentResponse