Class Type (2.30.0)


Enumeration of the types of events available.

Values: TYPE_UNSPECIFIED (0): Type not set. CONVERSATION_STARTED (1): A new conversation has been opened. This is fired when a telephone call is answered, or a conversation is created via the API. CONVERSATION_FINISHED (2): An existing conversation has closed. This is fired when a telephone call is terminated, or a conversation is closed via the API. HUMAN_INTERVENTION_NEEDED (3): An existing conversation has received notification from Dialogflow that human intervention is required. NEW_MESSAGE (5): An existing conversation has received a new message, either from API or telephony. It is configured in ConversationProfile.new_message_event_notification_config UNRECOVERABLE_ERROR (4): Unrecoverable error during a telephone call.

    In general non-recoverable errors only occur if something
    was misconfigured in the ConversationProfile corresponding
    to the call. After a non-recoverable error, Dialogflow may
    stop responding.

    We don't fire this event:

    -  in an API call because we can directly return the error,
    -  when we can recover from an error.