Class SearchKnowledgeRequest (2.30.0)

SearchKnowledgeRequest(mapping=None, *, ignore_unknown_fields=False, **kwargs)

The request message for Conversations.SearchKnowledge.


parent str
The parent resource contains the conversation profile Format: 'projects/' or projects/.
Required. The natural language text query for knowledge search.
conversation_profile str
Required. The conversation profile used to configure the search. Format: projects/.
session_id str
The ID of the search session. The session_id can be combined with Dialogflow V3 Agent ID retrieved from conversation profile or on its own to identify a search session. The search history of the same session will impact the search result. It's up to the API caller to choose an appropriate Session ID. It can be a random number or some type of session identifiers (preferably hashed). The length must not exceed 36 characters.
conversation str
The conversation (between human agent and end user) where the search request is triggered. Format: projects/.
latest_message str
The name of the latest conversation message when the request is triggered. Format: projects/.