Class StreamingAnalyzeContentResponse (2.30.0)

    mapping=None, *, ignore_unknown_fields=False, **kwargs

The top-level message returned from the StreamingAnalyzeContent method.

Multiple response messages can be returned in order:

  1. If the input was set to streaming audio, the first one or more messages contain recognition_result. Each recognition_result represents a more complete transcript of what the user said. The last recognition_result has is_final set to true.

  2. In virtual agent stage: if enable_partial_automated_agent_reply is true, the following N (currently 1 <= N <= 4) messages contain automated_agent_reply and optionally reply_audio returned by the virtual agent. The first (N-1) automated_agent_reply\ s will have automated_agent_reply_type set to PARTIAL. The last automated_agent_reply has automated_agent_reply_type set to FINAL. If enable_partial_automated_agent_reply is not enabled, response stream only contains the final reply.

    In human assist stage: the following N (N >= 1) messages contain human_agent_suggestion_results, end_user_suggestion_results or message.


The result of speech recognition.
reply_text str
Optional. The output text content. This field is set if an automated agent responded with a text for the user.
Optional. The audio data bytes encoded as specified in the request. This field is set if: - The reply_audio_config field is specified in the request. - The automated agent, which this output comes from, responded with audio. In such case, the reply_audio.config field contains settings used to synthesize the speech. In some scenarios, multiple output audio fields may be present in the response structure. In these cases, only the top-most-level audio output has content.
Optional. Only set if a Dialogflow automated agent has responded. Note that: [AutomatedAgentReply.detect_intent_response.output_audio][] and [AutomatedAgentReply.detect_intent_response.output_audio_config][] are always empty, use reply_audio instead.
Output only. Message analyzed by CCAI.
human_agent_suggestion_results MutableSequence[]
The suggestions for most recent human agent. The order is the same as HumanAgentAssistantConfig.SuggestionConfig.feature_configs of HumanAgentAssistantConfig.human_agent_suggestion_config.
end_user_suggestion_results MutableSequence[]
The suggestions for end user. The order is the same as HumanAgentAssistantConfig.SuggestionConfig.feature_configs of HumanAgentAssistantConfig.end_user_suggestion_config.
Indicates the parameters of DTMF.
Debugging info that would get populated when StreamingAnalyzeContentRequest.enable_debugging_info is set to true.