Class SectionType (2.30.0)


Selectable sections to return when requesting a summary of a conversation.

Values: SECTION_TYPE_UNSPECIFIED (0): Undefined section type, does not return anything. SITUATION (1): What the customer needs help with or has question about. Section name: "situation". ACTION (2): What the agent does to help the customer. Section name: "action". RESOLUTION (3): Result of the customer service. A single word describing the result of the conversation. Section name: "resolution". REASON_FOR_CANCELLATION (4): Reason for cancellation if the customer requests for a cancellation. "N/A" otherwise. Section name: "reason_for_cancellation". CUSTOMER_SATISFACTION (5): "Unsatisfied" or "Satisfied" depending on the customer's feelings at the end of the conversation. Section name: "customer_satisfaction". ENTITIES (6): Key entities extracted from the conversation, such as ticket number, order number, dollar amount, etc. Section names are prefixed by "entities/".