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Sustainability in the Public Sector

Monitor and manage the impacts of climate change to help improve communities.

Introducing Sustainability Offerings

We have launched two new Climate Insights offerings to help public sector organizations utilize data to better understand climate risks and increase their resilience. These offerings combine the multi-petabyte catalog of satellite imagery and geospatial datasets of Earth Engine with the scale and speed of Google Cloud. They can be used to inform a multitude of use cases, including land and infrastructure management, and city and regional planning.

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How Climate Insights Works

Climate Insights use a combination of Google Earth Engine, BigQuery, Vertex AI and Google Cloud, providing massive computing at scale to generate actionable insights from Earth-based observations. These insights help governments better identify climate risks, predict changes, and make data driven decisions to meet the challenge of climate change.

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Climate Insights for Natural Resources

When applied to natural resources, Google Cloud’s Climate Insights helps governments better understand and mitigate the impacts of climate change on natural resources. Drawing on Google Earth Engine’s data catalog, Climate Insights for Natural Resources leverages the expertise of Climate Engine, to provide departments and agencies with an efficient way to ingest, process, and deliver pre-built Earth observation insights via API into decision-making contexts. 

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Climate Insights for Infrastructure

Public sector organizations are also using Climate Insights to better understand and mitigate against the impacts of climate change on public infrastructure. Building on top of Google Earth Engine, Google Cloud and partner CARTO, these insights help planners, policy analysts, operations staff, and executives understand the potential risks of climate change to physical infrastructure.

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"Through a strategic partnership with Google Cloud, our scientists are leveraging cutting-edge cloud technologies. These next-generation geo-solutions allow massive volumes of earth observation data to be converted into actionable insights, improving Canada’s economic and environmental performance."

Richard Fernandes, Ph.D. Research Scientist, Natural Resources Canada

Meet your sustainability goals with Google Cloud

Powering more sustainable IT

We support our cloud customers with the cleanest cloud in the industry, helping them act today to decarbonize their digital applications and infrastructure and achieve their most ambitious sustainability targets. Google is currently one of the world’s largest annual corporate purchasers of renewable energy, matching all of our consumption with 100% renewable energy. Estimate your cloud emissions or see how Google achieves efficiency today.

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Leading carbon-free policy

By 2030, we aim to run on 24/7 carbon-free energy by developing and investing in new technologies, and partnering with global leaders to advocate around the world. Google joined SEforALL and UN Energy to launch a new compact calling on companies, governments, and other stakeholders to join the 24/7 carbon free energy movement to decarbonize electricity globally.  

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"Our goal is to have a common data-driven platform to collect and share information across agencies, counties, and cities. This helps us collaborate within our department and engage with our communities so we can better serve the public."

Ed Sniffen, Deputy Director for Highways, Hawaii Department of Transportation