Public datasets: weather and climate

Increase the value of your analytics and AI with public weather and climate datasets.

Add public weather and climate datasets to your workflow

The impacts of weather and climate are felt by every industry, every day. Google Cloud’s Public Datasets Program can help you better understand and predict that impact by providing access to some of the most valuable global public weather and climate datasets, at no cost.

Instant access

Instant access to massive data archives

The Google Cloud Public Datasets Program hosts petabytes of unstructured datasets in Cloud Storage, including NEXRAD Level 2, NEXRAD Level 3, Landsat, High Resolution Rapid Refresh data archives, and more. You can access these archives instantly and stay focused on what matters most—your analytics.

Unlock new insights in your existing data

Unlock new insights in your existing data

Combining public datasets with your proprietary data can help you unlock new insights and take your work to another level. You could determine the impact of temperature or cloud cover on sales by region, predict which locations are most vulnerable to severe storms or poor air quality, and more, with public weather data available in BigQuery.

Use cases


Retailers can better understand how weather impacts their sales so they can be more prepared for changes in demand and take appropriate actions, like ordering inventory more efficiently to save costs or changing store layouts to help customers find what they need faster.


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Public datasets: weather and climate

Discover new insights in your data using public weather and climate data.