Free on GCP

Many of the things you can do on GCP are free: getting started with a free trial, free management and development tools, and many GCP services offer free quotas and operations.

GCP Free Trial

When you sign up for the GCP free trial, you get $300 of credit that you can use to try out any Cloud Platform service. The credits expire after 12 months, so get started now.

In addition, during your free trial period, you’ll have access to support to help you get up-and-running on Cloud Platform.

For more information, see the Free Trial Guide.

Free Tools
There are several free tools you can use to create and manage GCP resources.
Google Cloud Console
Deploy, scale and diagnose production issues in a simple web based interface.
Google Cloud Console Mobile App
Discover, understand, and respond to production issues from your mobile device.
Cloud SDK
Tools to access GCP products and services from the command-line.
Google Cloud Shell
Command-line access to GCP resources from your browser. Cloud Shell has popular management tools pre-installed, such as MySQL, Docker, Git, Java, and Node.js.
Free Usage Levels
Many services offer a free quota and free operations
Service What is it ? What part is free ?
Google App Engine Platform for building scalable web applications and mobile backends. Free quota. For more information, see App Engine Pricing.
Google BigQuery Fully managed, petabyte scale, analytics data warehouse. Free quota as well as some free operations. For more information, see BigQuery Pricing.
Google Cloud Bigtable NoSQL Big Data database service. Some free network operations. For more information, see Cloud Bigtable Pricing.
Google Cloud Datastore Highly-scalable NoSQL database. Some free actions and operations. For more information, see Cloud Datastore Pricing and Quota.
Google Cloud Resource Manager Programmatic management of GCP resource containers such as organizations and projects. Free of charge.
Google Cloud Security Scanner Web security scanner for common vulnerabilities in App Engine applications. Free of charge but may affect App Engine quota, traffic, and charges. For more information, see Cloud Security Scanner Pricing, Costs, and Traffic.
Google Cloud Storage Highly available object storage. Some free operations. For more information, see Cloud Storage Pricing.
Google Cloud Virtual Network Provision GCP resources, connect them to each other, and isolate them from one another in a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC). Some free operations. For more information, see Cloud Virtual Network Pricing.
Google Container Engine Cluster manager and orchestration system for running Docker containers. Free quota, but Google Compute Engine charges for nodes still apply. For more information, see Google Container Engine Pricing and Quotas.
Google Cloud Container Registry Private Docker repository that works with popular continuous delivery systems. Container Registry only charges for the Google Cloud Storage storage and network egress consumed by your Docker images. For more information, see Container Registry Pricing.
Google Genomics APIs and tools to organize the world’s genomic information and make it accessible and useful. Some operations are free. For more information, see Google Genomics Pricing.
Support Discover, find developer communities, and contact technical support. Bronze-level support is free. For more information, see Support.
Stackdriver Trace Distributed tracing system for GCP that collects latency data from your applications and displays it in the Google Cloud Platform Console. Free of charge.
Google Cloud Vision API Understand the content of an image by accessing powerful machine learning models through a REST API. Free quota. For more information, see Google Cloud Vision Pricing.