“Fastly changes how we think about infrastructure. It acts as an extension of 1stdibs’ stack, giving us the benefits of instant configurability changes and log streaming, which outweigh anything other CDNs offer.”

—Ross Paul, CTO, 1stdibs

Fastly helps its customers meet modern business challenges and redefine what’s possible online with a new approach to content delivery.

We’re the only CDN that gives businesses:

  • Complete control over how they serve content
  • Unprecedented access to real-time performance analytics
  • The ability to cache frequently changing content at the edge in real time, and update in 150 milliseconds or less

About Fastly's Cloud Accelerator

Fastly’s Cloud Accelerator boasts unprecedented increases to speed on Google Cloud Storage. Data shows there is over a 4x increase in speed in comparison to response times for content requests from Amazon S3. In the 95th-percentile, Fastly’s Cloud Accelerator in IAD has response times of 380ms with Google Cloud Storage. Response times for content requests in the 95th percentile from other cloud storage providers is 1800ms in comparison.

Our secure, global network allows businesses to increase revenue and improve customer experiences across their websites and mobile applications while maintaining fast, consistent, and reliable performance. We use solid-state drives to power our cache servers, allowing us to have large caches without sacrificing performance.

Fastly works like a developer thinks, with total transparency. We’re not a black box. Our API allows companies to treat Fastly as an extension of their infrastructure. Customers can deploy custom configurations instantly, and our real-time analytics dashboard and historical stats let them monitor performance in real time.

Fastly Customer Stories

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