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Orca Security for Google Cloud

Reduce coverage gaps, alert fatigue, and operational costs. Get holistic, context-aware, agentless security and compliance.


Comprehensive security for your multicloud environments

Reduce costs with tool consolidation

Replace disperate, siloed tools with a single platform that uses agentless SideScanning™ technology to provide full-stack visibility and coverage. 

Gain context-driven intelligence

Obtain the context necessary to understand connections among assets and reveal the unseen risks.

Increase team productivity and efficiency

Detect, prioritize, and remediate the most critical security risks at every layer of your cloud estate.

Key features

Protect your organization from critical hidden risk combinations

The Orca Platform provides full workload and data protection, cloud security posture and vulnerability management, continuous compliance, and more. 

Get full public cloud asset visibility and risk coverage

Get a complete inventory of all your public cloud assets with roles—VMs, containers, serverless functions, and more—and gain insight into the connectivity between and all risks associated with those assets, including misconfigurations, vulnerabilities, lateral movement, and sensitive data exposure.

Orca Security_asset inventory

Prioritize the most vital risks with attack path analysis

Continuously visualize attack chains—or toxic combinations of risks—that leave critical assets or crown jewels vulnerable. See which assets are susceptible to lateral movement, role assumption, privilege escalation, and more. Fix the vulnerabilities and misconfigured targets (critical assets) and sever the attack chain. 

Orca Security_risks that matter

Shift security leftward in the development pipeline

Enable DevOps to focus on security earlier in the CI/CD pipeline. Trace production risks directly to the original source code repository or developer responsible. Scan, detect, and remediate risks before they are deployed into production. 

Orca Security_shift left

Support for over 100 Google services and integrations

Orca secures all Google Cloud assets, serverless functions, and services. Orca also natively integrates with Google Workspace, Chronicle, Security Command Center (SCC), SSO, and Pub/Sub, and provides generative AI search and remediation capabilities powered by Vertex AI.

Orca Security_integrations

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See how our customers are leveraging Orca Security and Google Cloud together

The Orca Security platform integrates with and augments Google Cloud native security capabilities to detect risks in all Google Cloud workloads. 

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