Accepting a private offer from a vendor

If you have an existing relationship with a Google Cloud Marketplace vendor, they can send you a private offer so that you pay a custom or discounted price for their software. This page explains how to accept, purchase, and manage your private offers.

Private offers are typically for a set duration, such as 12 months, during which you pay a custom price. If you're already paying for the product, any adjusted pricing begins as soon as the contract starts. When the contract has ended, you can continue using the software by paying the list price, or you can work with the vendor before the current contract ends to renew the offer or receive a new offer.

When a Cloud Marketplace vendor sets up a private offer, they specify several details, including the following:

  • Customer details: Your organization's information, including a Cloud Billing account from your Google Cloud organization. To view and purchase the offer, you must have access to the Cloud Billing account listed in the offer.
  • Offer pricing: The customized pricing you receive based on the product's pricing plan.
  • Payment schedule: The frequency and timing for how you pay for the offer. You're charged either upfront (Prepay) or monthly (Postpay).
  • Contract duration: How long the offer is in effect.

You can purchase an offer only once. To update an offer, the vendor sends you a new offer to replace the active one.

Before you begin

  • Verify the Cloud Billing account that the Cloud Marketplace vendor used for the private offer.
  • For the Cloud Billing account listed in the offer, you must have following Identity and Access Management (IAM) role(s):

    If you don't have the correct role(s), request access from a Billing Administrator or Organization Administrator. For information and steps on granting roles, see Access control.

Accepting a private offer

To receive a private offer, the vendor sends you a link. The link opens an offer page in the Google Cloud Console, similar to the following example:

example private offer

To view and accept a private offer:

  1. Click and open the link that the vendor sent you.

  2. Verify the details of the offer, such as the pricing details and contract duration. If this offer replaces an active offer, or if you're using this offer after purchasing the product at list price, review the new offer and previous purchase details. Click NEXT.

  3. In the Settings section of the offer, confirm the Cloud Billing account that will be charged for the offer.

  4. Optionally, select the checkbox if you want the offer to automatically renew at the end of the contract term. Auto-renew is only available if the vendor configures it. You can also update your auto-renew preferences later.

  5. Click NEXT.

  6. In the Review and subscribe section, review the final details, including the plan policy. Select the checkboxes to acknowledge the additional requirements.

  7. Click SUBSCRIBE. A window appears to confirm your subscription.

  8. Depending on the product, you might need to activate your subscription directly with the vendor.

After you subscribe, the vendor is prompted to accept the offer. The offer pricing takes effect on the contract start date, as outlined in the offer.

Accepting offers with auto-renew

If the vendor has configured auto-renew, you can enable the private offer to automatically renew at the end of the contract. If you enable auto-renew, the renewed offer uses the same contract duration as the current offer. For offers that charge based on your usage, the renewed offer might include changes in usage metric pricing if the vendor has updated their public pricing plan. Otherwise, the renewed offer has the same pricing as the current offer.

To enable or cancel auto-renew, see the following section on Managing your private offers.

Managing your private offers

After the vendor has approved your private offer, it becomes an order, which represents your offer's active subscription. The orders appear in a table on the Your Orders page of Cloud Marketplace, where you can view offer details and manage orders.

To manage an order, you can perform the following tasks by clickingActions for the order. Some actions might only appear if they are applicable to your order.

Action Description
Cancel auto-renew If you enabled auto-renew for the offer, cancel it at any time during the contract.
Cancel change Cancel a change to your order's billing plan. You can only cancel a change if it is still pending.
Cancel purchase Cancel the order purchase. You can only cancel before the vendor accepts the purchase, unless the vendor supports cancellations after acceptance.
Enable auto-renew If the vendor configured auto-renew for the offer, enable it at any time during the contract.
Register with provider If required, activate your subscription directly with the vendor.
View billing report View a report of the billed charges related to your order.
View credit View information regarding any credits that you have received for your order's Cloud Billing account, including commitment or free trial credits.
View product details Visit the product's list page on Cloud Marketplace.

To manage an order:

  1. In the Cloud Console, go to Cloud Marketplace.

    Go to Cloud Marketplace

  2. Click the Cloud Marketplace product to go to its details page.

  3. Click Manage Orders.

  4. In the dropdown menu, select the Cloud Billing account associated with the order.

  5. In the table, find the row for your order and clickActions.

  6. In the dropdown, select the action you want to perform.

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