Looker 7 changelog


changed The Upgraded Explore Field Picker Labs feature is now enabled by default for all instances.

changed Filter expressions can no longer be added to measures of type: number.

changed Filters included in a Quick Start analysis are additive. If there are conflicts between currently selected filters and the filters defined in a quick start query, the user will be prompted to resolve the conflict.

changed Looker no longer double-encodes links that contain special characters.

changed When Looker initiates a Snowflake database connection, the AUTOCOMMIT parameter is now set to TRUE by default.

changed In API 4.0+, the all_folders endpoint includes empty personal folders.

changed The render_task API can now be used with the new dashboard experience.

changed The email domain allowlist for scheduled content is case-insensitive.

changed When a new branch is created, an error message will be rendered if the branch name starts with dev.

changed A file extension is no longer required in the Filename field when delivering content to Slack or the Slack Attachment (API Token).

changed Looker's JIRA block has been updated to reflect Fivetran's new JIRA schema.

changed During startup, Looker now validates the dialect and version of the internal database. If something other than the default in-memory HyperSQL or a MySQLv5.7.x database is used as the internal database, Looker will log an error message before performing any startup migrations.

changed On the Persistent Derived Tables page in the Admin panel, the PDT Details pop-up now surfaces additional information about the PDT, including its model, stable name, connection, status, and additional build and persistence information.

added Whitelabeling is fully supported in the new dashboard experience.

added The Alert History page in the Admin panel and the Manage Alerts user page now displays any errors or warnings surfaced when running the alert query or delivering the alert notification, including a warning indicating if data on the dashboard tile upon which the alert is based did not change between the two most recent alert queries.

added Embedded Explores now apply custom themes.

added The Sandboxed Custom Visualizations Labs feature is now out of Labs and generally available.

added Looker now offers self-service SSH tunnel configurations to your database, as long as the instance is hosted in the next-generation infrastructure.

added The Download Termination Error Handling (beta) Labs feature, which controls the error-handling behavior of query downloads, has been introduced.

added Denodo 8.0 is now a supported Looker dialect.

added The Persistent Derived Tables page in the Admin panel now includes an All Connections option in the connection selector that loads all persistent derived tables for all connections with PDTs enabled on a Looker instance.

added Usage data for persistent derived tables is accessible through the System Activity Content Usage dashboard. The unique identifier for PDTs in this explore is the content_id dimension, which contains the PDT's hash.

added A new beta Labs feature, IDE Metadata Sidebar, is available. When the Labs feature is enabled, the metadata panel shows contextually relevant information, or metadata, for an object based on the location of your cursor in the Looker IDE. For example, if your cursor is on a view, the metadata panel will show you which Explores have that view joined in and other views that are extensions of that view.

added Keyboard shortcuts are available for folding and unfolding code: Use alt + ⌘ + 0 to fold all LookML, and alt + ⌘ + = to unfold all LookML.

added The Looker mobile (beta) 1.0.1 application is available for download in the Apple App store under the name Looker Mobile for iOS 13+ and Looker 7.16+ devices. Looker Mobile 1.0.2 is now available to download for Android devices. Enable the mobile app feature for your instance by flipping the mobile application flag. (Note: Some users have received an incorrect error message stating that Embed SSO Authentication must be enabled. If you encounter this error, enable the Embed SSO Authentication toggle on the Embed page in the Looker admin section.)

added The following new data blocks are now available in the Looker Marketplace: Benchmarks by Braze, Looker Block for Retail, Dialogflow Parser, and BigQuery Information Schema Performance.

added Cloud Source Repositories are now fully supported; links back to the repository and commits work as intended.

fixed Hovering over a hover note on a dashboard renders the background as black and text notes as white.

fixed Donut multiple visualization labels on dashboards are now displayed correctly.

fixed LookML dashboard thumbnails render correctly.

fixed When you view the LookML dashboard folder in grid view, you can pin LookML dashboards to a board.

fixed Custom fields are now searchable in the Explore field search.

fixed In project search, you can now replace with an empty string during mass find and replace.

fixed Bulk select IDE checkboxes now reflect the selection state.

fixed Users cannot switch to a new branch if the current branch has uncommitted changes.

fixed Clicking Add Theme or Edit Theme in Admin > Themes no longer performs a full page refresh.

fixed While you're editing a merged query, adding a filter will disable the Save button until the filter value is persisted.

fixed When the Connection Pooling Labs feature is enabled, testing a connection now yields expected test results.

fixed Looker's custom SMTP options now successfully connect to SMTP servers that support LOGIN authentication, in addition to PLAIN authentication.

fixed Log lines emitted during streaming consistently use the same request ID as the rest of the request.

fixed Links will show as expected if the Documentation Links under Manage Whitelabel Settings option is enabled.

fixed API Folder_looks().count counts only Looks that are in the folder and excludes any soft deleted Looks.

fixed Instances with locales set to non-UI-supported can fetch and install blocks from the Marketplace.

fixed An XSS vulnerability in Looker has been addressed.

fixed dashboard:download events for embedded dashboards and legacy dashboards now work as expected.


changed Looker's new dashboard experience is out of Labs and generally available. Dashboards now load faster and provide more powerful filter controls. Users still have the option to revert to legacy dashboards if needed. When creating a new dashboard from the Looker UI, the dashboard URL will contain -next.

changed Fonts and colors have been updated across the entire Looker application to align with Google branding. This can be enabled or disabled by using the Legacy Branding toggle on the Legacy Features page in the Admin panel. The toggle is enabled by default in 7.18, defaulting to the Looker branding. The toggle will be disabled by default in Looker 7.20, defaulting to the Google branding.

changed The Primaries color collection includes more palettes and has been renamed to Shoreline, the Looker color collection has been renamed to Boardwalk, and the Boardshorts color collection has been renamed to Lighthouse.

changed Implemented changes to specific conditional formatting settings to download visualizations in Excel format.

changed Trend line labels can now overlap other visualization labels.

changed Titles for tiles in the informational sidebar are now limited to 250 characters; anything longer will be truncated.

changed The Webhook Deploy Secret and Enable Advanced Deploy Mode options are now found in the new Deployment section of the Project Settings page of the Looker IDE.

changed CORS requests from origins not on the allowlist will no longer be accepted.

changed On the Persistent Derived Tables page in the Admin panel, the Show Build Events and Show Trigger Events links for each PDT will now link to the System Activity Explore instead of the i__looker Explore. The Persistence Type column now provides additional information about triggers and errors. Additionally, several columns on this page can now be sorted. The Status column now shows a Build Error pop-up that displays the build error message and a link to the PDT LookML.

changed On the Connections page in the Database section of the Admin panel, the Show PDT event log link for each connection will now direct to the System Activity Explore instead of the i__looker Explore.

changed When two otherwise identical aggregate tables have different filters on dates and both could be used for the query, the optimizer will now pick the table with the smaller range instead of the aggregate table that was declared first in the LookML.

changed Alerts based on time series data will no longer evaluate all historic data that exists at or before alert creation during the first alert run.

changed Custom SMTP settings now allow the "from" address to be in First Last name@example.com format.

changed The LookML IDE will now render a warning if two joins without view_labels join the same labeled view, which would result in duplicated fields.

changed Using the Liquid variable _filters[] in a derived table's SQL without the sql_quote parameter is now discouraged and will render a deprecation warning when the filter value is rendered in SQL. The warning is expected to be upgraded to an error in a future release.

changed If the suggest_dimension parameter references an invalid or excluded field, the LookML IDE will render a new warning.

changed If localization is used on a project and a dimension group with type: time is defined in the LookML, a LookML warning will be rendered. The warning will suggest splitting the dimension group into individual dimensions.

changed The SAP HANA JDBC driver has been upgraded to v2.5.46 to give users the ability to set the default schema, enable SSL, verify SSL connection options, and get additional support for the SAP HANA JDBC parameters.

changed The Aster JDBC driver has been removed from Looker. All Aster connections will require a custom JDBC driver install.

changed Deleting a BigQuery database connection will also delete the associated p12 file.

changed Denodo 7 will now use the function NOW() instead of CURRENT_DATE() to filter on a timeframe from a dimension group field.

changed Postgres Pre-9.1 SQL dialect is being downgraded to a support level of Integration. Postgres 9.5+ remains a supported dialect option.

added Quick start options have been added as a part of the Upgraded Explore Field Picker Labs feature. This option enables users to load a modeled query with a single click. This option shows up by default on a blank Explore that has modeled queries.

added The Cross-filtering Labs feature is now enabled by default.

added Table visualizations made from merged queries are now sortable.

added The Quarter timeframe drill menu now includes the option to drill by month.

added Dashboard filters can now be collapsed into a filter icon next to the reload data icon.

added Dashboard advanced filters now allow multiple clauses.

added Users can now download drilled data.

added The PDT Event Log table on the Persistent Derived Tables admin page will now record the table hash when a derived table build fails.

added Aggregate tables now support the sortkeys parameter inside of the materialization block.

added Users will now be able to create files with the same name as the folder where they are located. Renaming a file will no longer move the file to a new location.

added You can now use your LookML project's manifest file to add custom visualizations directly to your LookML project. This is the recommended method for adding a custom visualization. See the visualization parameter documentation page for more information.

added The PrestoSQL database dialect option is a new supported Looker dialect with the exception of stable database views as of this release.

added The search_content_views API endpoint now accepts start_of_week_date in YYYY-MM-DD format.

added Two new embed JavaScript message events are available for filters on embedded Explores: explore:run and explore:filters:update.

added Explores, Looks, and dashboards that are embedded in extensions can now be downloaded.

added Extensions using the extension API server proxy now include secret keys in the proxied URL and no longer depend on third-party cookies to run. Third-party cookies are still required if the extension embeds dashboards, Looks, or Explores.

added Extensions developed in the Looker extension framework can now use the PKCE for OAuth 2.0 extension by specifying a code_challenge_method value of S256 with a response_type: code.

added Metadata API endpoints have been added to the experimental API v4.0.

added Added a new endpoint to the experimental API v4.0: /groups/search/with_hierarchy allows the searching of groups, producing results that contain two new fields: parent_ids, which list the IDs of the groups to which this group belongs; and role_ids, which lists the IDs of the roles assigned to this group.

added When you use Embed SDK in dashboards, events may now be programmatically fired to open the scheduler dialog.

fixed The Pivot button will no longer appear next to table calculations in an Explore's field picker.

fixed Alerts involving user attributes — also know as unfollowable alerts — will now default to Private visibility.

fixed Filters based on user attributes now allow user to determine which user attribute to select while creating filter.

fixed Clicking on an external link from a drill pop-up now opens the link in a new tab as expected.

fixed The Created header on a Boards information panel will not be displayed if the user does not have the see_users permission.

fixed Dashboard filters now update properly with the embed message dashboard:filters:update after a dashboard:load message.

fixed Using special characters such as / no longer shows a hex character code when you use the find and replace functionality in the LookML IDE.

fixed Enabling and disabling development mode when an extension is being displayed will no longer render 404 errors.

fixed If a user fixes an error for an alert in the Content Validator, only the alert content will be updated. Other Looker content will no longer be updated.

fixed Markdown headers now render text as expected, going back to Looker 7.10.

fixed The update_color_collection API endpoint no longer renders a 500 error response when the request contains palette data.


changed Users will no longer have the ability to cross-filter on custom dimensions.

changed Filtering by a field that is not a part of an Explore used on dashboards (beta) will display a banner with the following message: This filter was created using a filter by field outside of the Explores on this dashboard. You can modify the settings and tiles to update, but will need to create a new filter to change the field.

changed Referencing a field with the syntax ${field_name} in a Custom Filter will cause the Liquid parameters {{ field_name._is_filtered }} and {{ field_name._in_query }} to evaluate as true.

changed Values for hidden user attributes no longer have to be re-entered when you update a Marketplace extension configuration or the version of a Marketplace extension.

changed For LookML projects that contain an aggregate table and therefore have aggregate awareness enabled, admins can configure user attributes referenced by access filters so that these filters are dropped from the WHERE clause in Looker-generated SQL. The admin can set advanced type user attributes to %,NULL (for String Filter [advanced]) or <0,>=0,NULL (for Number Filter [advanced]). If the user attributes have these settings, Looker will drop these filters (which must match all rows) from the WHERE clause. This eliminates the need to preserve performance using sql_always_where {% condition %} for projects with aggregate awareness.

changed Users without the schedule_external_look_emails permission will no longer be able to save an alert if they add an email address that is not on the domain allow list.

changed The Load Assets from CDN setting has been removed from the Settings page in the General section of the Admin panel for Looker-hosted instances. This setting has not been removed from customer-hosted instances, unless the --force-cdn startup flag has been enabled on the instance.

changed Save and Schedule menu items will no longer appear on embedded Explores when Remove Look Navigation is enabled.

changed The create_sso_embed_url API endpoint is no longer metered as an admin call and will be excluded from the admin activity quota.

changed The Connections drop-down list on the Persistent Derived Tables page in the Admin panel will only list connections that have PDTs enabled.

changed Adding the LookML parameter publish_as_db_view: yes to a PDT definition in production will now create a view without needing to trigger the table to rebuild or without having to modify the SQL or the LookML of the derived table.

added Aggregate tables can now specify persist parameters inside of the materialization block. The new persist parameters are indexes, cluster_keys, partition_keys, distribution, and distribution_style. Additionally, aggregate tables no longer need to be an exact timeframe match as the filters on an Explore query. As long as the dimension in the aggregate table has a timeframe with a finer (or equal) granularity as the timeframes of the dimensions and filters in the Explore query, the aggregate table can be used for the Explore query.

added Users can now make it a requirement that a dashboards (beta) filter value be set to save scheduled deliveries or to refresh the dashboard.

added Qubole Presto connections can now parameterize a password with a user attribute, if the user attribute's "allow list" allows connecting to https://api.qubole.com (or, alternatively, to a custom endpoint set in the JDBC string).

added Users can now send and schedule within dashboards (beta).

added Dashboard (beta) filters can now be linked so that the filter value options for one filter are narrowed based on the filter value or values selected for a different filter on the same dashboard.

added Users can now right-click on the Explore from here option on dashboard (beta) tiles to open the link in a new tab or window.

added You can now automatically refresh dashboards (beta) and dashboards (beta) tiles. This setting can be enabled from the Settings menu of the dashboard or on individual tiles.

added You can now send notifications to Slack via the Slack and Slack Attachment (API Token) integrations when alert conditions are met or exceeded.

added Dashboards (beta) display a new option to navigate back to the dashboard's folder.

added The search function in the LookML IDE is no longer case-sensitive, will now search for the entered search term(s) across the whole branch name, and will allow users to query for special characters ( / or [ ).

added If there is a Git workflow error preventing LookML from successfully being merged and deployed, the following new error is displayed: Git Error: Check Git Tab for info.

added Developers now have the ability to save LookML files even if LookML errors are present.

added The Amazon Athena dialect now supports the ability to use the publish_as_stable_view parameter in its persistent derived tables.

added Developers using the Looker extension framework will now be notified immediately if their development server is not running.

added Developers using the Looker extension framework can now add a list of external URLs with the new_window_external_urls parameter to an extension's manifest file so that it opens a new window to the listed URLs or partial URLs. Subdomains and paths may use the * symbol as a wildcard.

added JDK 11 is now supported for customer-hosted instances.
JDK 11 support has been temporarily suspended.

fixed On dashboards (beta), link tagging with the LookML html parameter now renders links as expected in single value visualizations.

fixed A leading dash in an Explore filter value, such as -value, is no longer interpreted as a negation.

fixed Fields of type: number that have a value format assigned no longer round numbers that are 16 digits or fewer.

fixed Changing a field with conditional formatting via the Content Validator now retains the conditional formatting on the changed field.

fixed Markdown formatting for bulleted and numbered lists on text tiles now renders as expected.

fixed Subtotal visualizations with a pivoted field now show the expected value for the sum of the values.

fixed Converting a dashboard with filter(s) that are based on a field of type: parameter will no longer return an Uh oh! something went wrong error message.

fixed The Boxplot visualization will now display the expected value format.

fixed Value labels on different visualization types no longer overlap.

fixed Instances with the whitelabel setting Show Docs Links disabled will no longer display Looker documentation links referenced in visualization settings.

fixed When a dashboard tile is edited, the upgraded Explore field picker now allows users to add custom fields as expected.

fixed Invalid Mapbox data no longer prevents successful rendering of map visualizations.

fixed Column pivoting, subtotaling, and row totaling with a NULL in the pivot columns now render the expected values.

fixed A custom Font Source in the theme settings for embedded dashboards now renders properly in dashboards (beta).

fixed Table rows will no longer be split by page breaks when a PDF of a table visualization is rendered.

fixed Drill menus are no longer susceptible to stored XSS introduced via malicious table calculations or LookML fields.

fixed The API Docs Explorer now works with CORS on Google Cloud-hosted instances.

fixed Testing a Snowflake connection will result in an error if the database name entered in Looker does not exactly match the case of the database name as set in Snowflake.

fixed When a query is successfully terminated, MS SQL Server dialects will no longer return a Socket Closed error message.

fixed When a user has entered a different database for their PDT Overrides settings, testing a database connection on the Connections page in the Admin panel no longer returns the following error: Cannot find temp schema "LOOKER_SCRATCH", "information_schema" failed (SELECT schema_name FROM INFORMATION_SCHEMA.SCHEMATA WHERE schema_name = 'LOOKER_SCRATCH').

fixed Users can now open the commit history of their project as expected unless a Git operation is actively running.

fixed A Marketplace installation that yields errors will no longer block the ability to install or uninstall another Marketplace project.


changed The Markdown rendering library has been updated to address security vulnerabilities. This change may render trailing HTML tags if the tags are invalid or unbalanced.

changed Looker now accepts the pkce code challenge parameter encoded as either Hex or Base64, per OAuth2 specifications.

changed In the upgraded Explore field picker, view headers will now be sorted by locale rules (spaces, symbols, letters). This sort function is not case-sensitive.

changed When sending, scheduling, or downloading Looker content, all JSON formats except for JSON – Label will render a field's full name unless Apply visualization options is selected.

changed The API endpoint /presentation/query has been modified to accept either a path or a query parameter to prevent query timeouts.

changed The Snowflake JDBC driver has been updated to v3.12.8 to ensure that credentials are not logged in plaintext when higher tracing levels are enabled.

changed A new validator warning, LookML Dashboard name should contain only letters, numbers, dashes, and underscores, will be rendered if non-alphanumeric characters are used in a LookML dashboard name.

changed A new validator error is rendered when the join_fields parameter has invalid syntax within a merge query tile on a LookML dashboard.

changed Imported projects are now always marked as read-only and do not show syntax errors.

changed If a dashboard:run action is called when the dashboard is already running, the in-flight queries are stopped and the event is restarted.

changed The Looker API CORS feature is now out of Labs and generally available. A web application is enabled for OAuth when the application has been registered with the Looker instance. If the application's registration info is deleted from the Looker instance, Looker will no longer accept API OAuth requests from that application.

added Provision.yml processing now allows programmatic provisioning of a Looker API user when a set of credentials is provided.

added You can now reset your Slack integration workspace connection.

added Dashboards (beta) improvements: Filters can now be rearranged via drag and drop; data actions are now supported in the drill menu; favoriting or pinning dashboards is now supported; and the embed action dashboard:stop is now available.

added A new homepage endpoint has been added, primary_homepage, which returns the primary homepage of an instance in the Looker API 3.1.

added Support for the TIME type has been added in BigQuery, enabling functions such as CURRENT_TIME().

added The Greenplum dialect now supports the following LookML measure types: symmetric aggregates, list types, subtotals, percentiles, and distinct percentiles.

added The Dremio JDBC driver has been upgraded to v4.5.0 to ensure proper closing of failed connection attempts that might otherwise have caused an outage.

added A new dialect option has been added for Cloudera Impala 3.1 with Native Driver that supports time zone conversions for database time zones that are not in UTC.

added When a user enters Development Mode for the first time in a project, the user's branch will automatically push to the remote repository.

added If the license feature public_host_url is enabled and the startup option --public_host_url is used, the Looker Action Hub callback URLs will be constructed with the public_host_url as the hostname instead of the default host URL in Looker.

added Google Demand Live Events, a data block that can be used to track real-time consumer demand, is now available in the Looker Marketplace.

added A new visualization setting for the word cloud visualization has been added to enable or disable word rotation.

added Parameters and filters show in the filter-only fields section in an Explore when the Upgraded Explore Field Picker Labs feature is enabled.

added Users now have the option either to clear all fields and filters or to clear only fields from the In Use tab in an Explore when the Upgraded Explore Field Picker Labs feature is enabled.

fixed When users log in to the Slack integration, they will no longer see the following 500 error messages:
  • Failing due to cannot send request to proxy service. unexpected response
  • Looker::IntegrationProxyService::IntegrationProxyError: Failed to uninstalled the following integrations

fixed When downloading dashboard tile data, the results now reflect the dashboard's time zone if User Specific Time Zones is enabled.

fixed Value labels will now be shown and hidden properly according to the respective show and hide status of the legend.

fixed Streaming download times have been improved.

fixed Labels are now displayed as expected on the funnel visualization on dashboards (beta).

fixed The API Explorer docs link under /admin/api will now redirect to the correct URL for instances deployed on Kubernetes.

fixed Instances with the Whitelabel feature configured can now have Custom Welcome Email Advanced Settings enabled without the need to update the enhanced email form and will no longer get an error when a new user is added.

fixed Custom topojson files in IDE folders will now render properly in an embedded visualization.

fixed Tables with a pivoted field and no dimensions selected now display the Column Limit warning if the limit is reached.

fixed Pivoted fields with null value column labels will no longer also display corresponding values as null.

fixed The Summary tab on the Scheduler Plans page in the Admin panel now shows the correct file formats and destinations.

fixed Users can filter and unfilter on a dashboard in the Alert History page in the Admin panel as expected.

fixed In the Alert History page in the Admin panel, the alert Owner name link will now redirect to the Edit User page, and the alert Dashboard link will now redirect to the dashboard on which the alert is based.

fixed Using a timeframe filter now allows you to select dates beyond three months in the past when you choose a custom date range.

fixed Data dictionary installation on a clustered instance now works as expected.

fixed When a custom measure and a single dimension are selected in a query and dimension fill is enabled, the LookML dashboard tile will no longer render a warning.

fixed Querying a JSON and an interval field now shows the expected JSON blob and not [object Object].

fixed Changes to an instance's slug during PDT regenerator runs will no longer break PDTs for that instance, and the regeneration run will complete as expected.

fixed Apache Druid 13+ and Apache Druid 18+ dialects no longer fail when a column is referenced in a CASE WHEN statement in the SELECT clause of the generated SQL with Apache Druid 0.18, but the column isn't included in the GROUP BY clause.

fixed Customers on dialects like Postgres and BigQuery should now be able to use ${view.SQL_TABLE_NAME} references to a non-persistent derived table in a trigger.

fixed Incorrect SQL for datetime fields for BigQuery dialects is no longer being generated.

fixed Multiple JDBC parameter injection security vulnerabilities have been fixed.


changed A new design for the LookML IDE is available to all users with access to LookML projects. The object browser is no longer a Labs feature; it is now out of beta and generally available. The IDE Folders Toggle legacy feature is now fully removed, and the legacy IDE can no longer be enabled.

changed The .strings files for localization legacy feature is now fully removed and unavailable to re-enable.

changed The SnowFlake Unquoted Database legacy feature is disabled by default. Snowflake connections that have incorrect capitalization in the database name will break.

changed The LookML Validator will now render a warning if there are multiple entries of the following: derived_table parameters within a view file, query parameters inside an aggregate table within a defined explore parameter, or materialization parameters within an aggregate_table within a defined explore parameter.

changed The LookML Validator will now issue a warning for aggregate table names greater than 255 characters. In addition, the aggregate table LookML generator will no longer generate names longer than the maximum allowed characters.

changed The Amazon Athena JDBC driver has been upgraded to v2.0.9, giving users more control over QueryExecutionPollingIntervalMultiplier and MinQueryExecutionPollingInterval.

changed Microsoft Azure SQL Data Warehouse has been rebranded to Microsoft Azure Synapse Analytics.

changed Users may see slight differences in the channels listed as options for delivering Looker content with the Slack Attachment (API Token) action, depending on if the app has been set up with a user token or a bot user token.

changed The table visualization setting Bars is now called Cell Visualization. The cell visualizations will now start from zero instead of the minimum value.

changed CSV downloads now allow non-romanized characters in the filename. This may impact automation that relies on the filename being empty for files named with non-romanized characters.

changed The password reset function will lock after too many failed login attempts. The lockout duration is 5 minutes for most customers after 4 failures and 30 minutes for PCI instances after 6 failures.

added A new deploy API endpoint and webhook allow users to deploy to production from any Git SHA, tag, or head of branch reference. It requires opting into an Advanced Deploy Mode where deployments can only be made via API/webhook. This will be helpful for developer and staging instance setups, eliminating the need for multiple repos.

added You can now specify user attributes in a custom action definition to control an individual user's ability to send or schedule data to the action's destination.

added LookML dashboards can be upgraded to dashboards (beta) if the New Dashboard Experience experimental Labs feature is enabled.

added A Google Ads Block is now available in the Looker Marketplace. The block is supported with the BigQuery Data Transfer Service.

added The Looker Data Dictionary is now generally available from the Looker Marketplace. Note: The Extension Framework and Marketplace Labs features must be enabled to use the Looker Data Dictionary extension.

added The New Dashboard Experience experimental Labs feature now offers a few new settings for parity to regular dashboards:

added The term Look will now be hidden when the Hide Look Whitelabel setting has been enabled.

added A new Labs feature, Upgraded Explore Field Picker, includes a smarter search, additional field context, new quick start options, and enhanced view and management of selected fields.

added A new beta feature, the Looker extension framework, allows developers to build custom JavaScript applications and tools on top of Looker with no need to set up their own stack for building. To develop extensions with the Looker extension framework, Looker admins must enable the Extension Framework Labs feature.

added The Radial Gauge visualization, available through the Looker Marketplace, now supports the ability to trellis by row or pivot and control the number of gauge rows and columns.

added The Google Ads Snowflake Block has been added to the Looker Marketplace.

added In the LookML IDE, users can now scroll through LookML validation errors.

added Dialects that support Calcite now have Calcite enabled to support Aggregate Awareness.

changed A new design for the LookML IDE is available to all users with access to LookML projects. The Object Browser Labs feature is now out of beta and generally available. The IDE Legacy folders feature is now fully removed, and the legacy IDE can no longer be enabled.

changed The Legacy .strings Files for Localization feature is now fully removed and unavailable to re-enable.

changed The LookML Validator will now render a warning if there are multiple entries of the following: derived_table parameters within a view definition, query parameters inside an aggregate_table parameter within a defined explore parameter, or materialization parameters within an aggregate_table parameter within a defined explore parameter.

changed The LookML Validator will now issue a warning for aggregate table names greater than 255 characters. In addition, the aggregate table LookML generator will no longer generate names longer than the maximum allowed characters.

changed The Amazon Athena JDBC driver has been upgraded to v2.0.9, giving users more control over QueryExecutionPollingIntervalMultiplier and MinQueryExecutionPollingInterval.

changed Microsoft Azure SQL Data Warehouse has been rebranded to Microsoft Azure Synapse Analytics.

changed You may see slight differences in the channels listed as options for delivering Looker content with the Slack Attachment (API Token) action from the Looker Action Hub, depending on if you have set up your app with a user token or a bot user token. New Slack Attachment (API Token) configurations only allow bot user authentication.

changed Looker admins must now change the SMTP password if modifying the port or URL of the SMTP server.

fixed The LookML Validator will no longer render the error Periods are not allowed in element or filter names when an element name or filter contains undesired characters, such as periods, for tiles in LookML dashboards.

fixed Users without the see_lookml permission will no longer have the ability to see the Get Aggregated LookML option from a dashboard's settings menu.

fixed If the Login Page Message Labs feature is enabled, it will now render the custom login message as expected.

fixed Group and personal folders no longer display a broken image thumbnail for dashboards.

fixed When the configured landing page for a user is a page that exists by default in the browse sidebar (for example, Popular, Recently viewed, Favorites, and Shared folders), that page's name is used instead of Home. Previously, the duplicated navigation item was hidden.

fixed Merge results that do not have any pivots will no longer render the error A LookML model message occurred. Unable to pivot results.

fixed Protection against tab-nabbing has been updated application-wide.

fixed The beta API endpoint sync_lookml_dashboard no longer renders a 500 error message if the LookML dashboard layout is set to Grid.

fixed Selecting the gear icon for Column Options on a table's column header no longer blocks the header title.

fixed Users without the see_lookml permission will no longer have the ability to see the Get Aggregated LookML option from a dashboard's setting menu.

fixed Source queries are no longer dropped when a merged result is created.

fixed Addressed an RCE vulnerability within Looker's markdown processor.


changed A new Liquid parser is now used during LookML validation. This new parser will raise new Liquid warnings for syntax issues that were previously ignored. The warnings will indicate the line of LookML code causing the warning.

changed In Looker 7.8, Looker introduced Normal (800 pixels) and Wide (1600 pixels) format options for sending and scheduling emailed content. In 7.10, when delivering, if the rendered Wide visualization exceeds the limit of the recipient's email client, the recipient may need to scroll horizontally to view the entire visualization.

changed The legacy feature IDE Folders Toggle is automatically disabled. This legacy feature will be completely removed in Looker 7.12. Learn more about IDE folders.

changed The Apache Avatica Calcite JDBC driver has been updated to version 0.16.

changed The Apache Druid 0.13 dialect option now writes cleaner GROUP BY and ORDER BY clauses as well as using more up-to-date SQL functions for month and year date-difference calculations.

changed Context comments on Google BigQuery connections are disabled by default because context comments invalidate Google BigQuery's ability to cache and can negatively impact cache performance. You can enable context comments for a BigQuery connection by deselecting the Disable Context Comment setting on the Connection Settings documentation page for the connection.

changed The Snowflake JDBC driver has been upgraded to version 3.12.5 to fix a ConcurrentModificationException error that occurs when an attempt to close resultSets fails. This change also addresses an issue where high usage could cause finished queries in Snowflake to appear to still be running in Looker, exhausting Looker's thread pool.

changed The MariaDB JDBC driver has been reverted to version 2.5.4.

changed Query killing is now supported for Oracle RAC. The connection ID Looker obtained historically did not include the node ID, which is required for query killing on clustered Oracle deployments. Now Looker will check for the SID, SERIAL#, and INST_ID when obtaining the connection ID for query killing. Note: Customers on Oracle RAC must update their Looker database objects to include INST_ID in the LOOKER_SESSION VIEW used to retrieve this information.

changed The LookML Validator will now display a warning when you use timeframes in dimension groups that are of type: duration. In addition, a warning will be rendered if intervals are used within dimension groups of type: time.

changed The LookML generator would previously create a dimension group titled with just an underscore, , for the underlying table called time for the Apache Druid dialects. The LookML generator will now generate a dimension group called _time for these dialects.

changed The LookML generator previously generated a dimension named count and a measure named count if the underlying database table had a column named, count, leading to an invalid LookML error. Now the dimension will be named count_view_name.

changed Scheduled email deliveries of inline content and attachments that exceed 20 MB or 15 MB, respectively, will return an error indicating that the email or the attachment size is too large.

changed i__looker queries will only be processed one at a time by the instance's internal database.

added The Calendar Heatmap custom visualization available on the Looker Marketplace includes the following improvements: new styles, new formatting options, the ability to drill, and table calculation support.

added The Looker Marketplace now offers a Community Mobility Data Block that's included within the COVID-19 Data Block.

added The ACS Demographic Data Block has been added to the Looker Marketplace.

added Language support added for Czech, Hindi, Lithuanian, Norwegian (Bokmål), Thai, and Ukrainian.

added The Whitelabel page in the Admin panel has a new option, Looker Mentions in folders pages, which removes any mention of Looker on a user's personal folder page when that user does not have any items saved to their folder.

added The Embed page in the Admin panel has a new option, Remove Look navigation, which, when enabled, removes the mention of Looks in the gear menu of embedded Explores.

added The Persistent Derived Tables (PDT) page in the Admin panel allows users to filter by the type of persistence applied to the PDT, Trigger or Persist.

added Aggregate awareness can now optimize queries with DISTINCT counts, without requiring that the aggregate_table be an exact dimensional match of the query. This is supported for Snowflake, BigQuery, and Presto/Athena SQL dialects. The LookML developer must declare allow_approximate_optimization: yes on the measure of types count or count_distinct to enable this functionality. In addition, aggregate awareness supports measures defined with SQL expressions, including expressions like ${field_a} + ${field_b} / ${field_c}.

added Refinements can now be used in Aggregate Table LookML for dashboards and Explores.

added The extends LookML parameter can now be implemented within refinements. Learn more about using extends inside a LookML refinement.

added Dashboards (beta) with filters will include the ui_config parameter as part of the LookML response when the dashboard's LookML is viewed with the Get LookML dialog or through the dashboard_lookml API. The ui_config parameter allows a LookML developer to choose the type of filter control, where the control should be rendered, and the options available for those filters.

added A new experimental Labs feature, Looker API CORS, is now available. This feature allows browser-based web applications to call the Looker API across domain boundaries using the Cross Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) protocol. Each web application must be registered with the Looker instance and enabled by a Looker admin. Disabling this feature immediately blocks all cross-domain web requests to the Looker API.

added A new beta Labs feature, Database Connection Pooling, is now available. This feature optimizes database connection re-use via the JDBC driver, which allows for the maintenance of a pool of connections when databases with supported dialects are accessed.

added Python SDK support for Python 3.6 is now available.

added Embed users and embed groups are omitted from the results returned by the search_group_potential_members endpoint in the experimental API 4.0.

added Dashboards (beta) now support embed filter themes through the theme options in the Admin settings.

added Tile menus on dashboards (beta) now present users the option to Clear Cache and Refresh and View Look (if the tile is based on a saved Look).

added Dashboards (beta) now supports the ability to Get LookML from the dashboard menu options.

added A new dialect option is available, Apache Druid 0.18. This option supports joins, location types, and overall cleaner SQL than in previous versions.

added New fonts are available if you are using the Looker default theme for embedded dashboards.

fixed The inability to edit multiple dashboard filters simultaneously has been addressed.

fixed Users are now able to click on a dimension value in a drill overlay without being prompted to add a filter.

fixed Drilling into a tile now passes through the Week into the drill modal's filters.

fixed Column widths on a table visualization are no longer truncated if the column has a field with links or if totals are enabled.

fixed Column charts with value labels enabled now show properly labeled low values when high values are also on the chart.

fixed When you filter on a parameter, filter values no longer display the value when a label has been defined.

fixed On a table visualization, if the visualization setting Truncate Text is disabled, then the row height now automatically adjusts.

fixed The LookML Dashboards folder now shows which model a LookML dashboard is from.

fixed Users can create a board from the Browse menu.

fixed When a dashboard's element filters are updated because merge queries have changed, the filters are no longer invalidated. This occurs unless you are deleting or re-ordering a merge query that has more than one source query with the same model and Explore name.

fixed While a table visualization is being rendered, the icon for expanding a subtotal group no longer expands and covers content in the table cell.

fixed A user with the create_alerts permission no longer sees the Admin panel without any menu options.

fixed Alerts based on row totals have been hidden from the Edit Alert pop-up to prevent queries generated by alerts from returning errors.

fixed Editing an alert with a "0" threshold now shows the value instead of displaying blank.

fixed If a table visualization is scheduled or exported as a PDF, column headers will now be automatically expanded vertically, and the text will be wrapped.

fixed The Looker Action Hub will now infer a file's extension instead of automatically zipping a file sent via Slack.

fixed Attempting to retrieve schedule information through the API will no longer return a 500 error message if the response has a schedule tied to a deleted LookML dashboard.

fixed Downloads with format options enabled now render the formatted values as expected.

fixed In the System Activity Space Explore, the field is_personal has been modified to is_personal_root with a label, and a description has been added to clearly indicate that this is simply checking if a folder is the personal folder root.

fixed Adding a JSON/P12 file when establishing a new connection in Looker will no longer falsely indicate that the file is invalid.

fixed The LookML IDE will no longer be rendered blank upon committing and validating.

fixed Changing the LookML project commit settings to Only require fixing errors before committing now allows users to commit with existing warnings.

fixed The Content Validator will no longer attempt to validate scheduled content that was based on a deleted dashboard or Look.

fixed On the legacy LookML IDE, the function that updates dependencies no longer fails.

fixed An XSS vulnerability in Looker's IDE has been addressed.


changed If an unknown field or improper syntax is provided in the _filters parameter, the following LookML warning will be returned: Expected value in "_filters" to be a field name.

changed The Slack integration is now available without enabling it through a Labs feature.

changed Looker Marketplace content is now viewable by all users of an instance if a Looker admin has enabled the Marketplace Labs feature.

changed The Get LookML... option from an Explore's settings now shows the following options: Dashboard LookML, Aggregate Table LookML, Derived Table LookML.

changed Apache Druid dialect options now quote column names in the LookML generator.

changed The see_datagroups permission is now model specific.

changed Invalidate dashboard filters attached to merged results tiles only when merged queries' source queries have changed, or if the merge fields have changed, not when there are formatting changes to the tile.

added The Covid19 Block, a pre-built data model and dashboards built around public COVID-19 data from the New York Times and Johns Hopkins, is now available in the Looker Marketplace.

added The Radial Gauge Chart is available for deployment via the Looker Marketplace.

added The Looker Block for Braintree is available in the Looker Marketplace.

added Using the Slack App, users can share links in Slack from SQL Runner visualizations.

added The Scheduler Plans admin page now includes a summary of the format and destination of scheduled deliveries.

added The New Groups list and Edit pages improve performance to allow instances with thousands of groups to be managed seamlessly.

added Users with the any scheduling permission can trigger a schedule with datagroups.

added A new admin setting allows admins to specify an emailed data policy for their Looker instance. This setting controls whether links, data, or links and data are delivered in scheduled emails.

added Looker mentions can be removed from the account setup page and browser tab welcome text , as well as the Looker logo and links back to Looker in alert notification emails.

added A new JavaScript event shows tile query results truncated as a result of the query returning more rows than the query row limit. The row limit could be either a user-specified row limit or the Looker default row limit of 5,000 rows.

added Aggregate Awareness is a new feature for speeding up queries and decreasing database costs by defining aggregate tables in Looker. Looker will intelligently rewrite SQL to use the aggregate tables whenever possible, without the need to create separate Explores.

added Tile titles on dashboards (beta) can now be hidden.

added Version resolution for Project Import creates a lockfile to manage the dependencies added in the manifest file. To use automatic detection of remote project updates, a branch name or a release tag for the dependency can be specified. Upon adding the first dependency to the manifest, a prompt will appear to create the lockfile.

added When LookML refinements are enabled, the object browser will navigate users to the last refinement by include order (if there is more than one).

added Parallel PDTs can now build simultaneously per connection. The default concurrency is one. The concurrency can be increased in the Connection settings.

added The Looker Data Dictionary extension, a centralized source for field and metric definitions, is now available in the Looker Marketplace.

added Amazon Redshift supports displaying external schemas (Amazon Spectrum) in SQL Runner and the LookML generator.

added The Packed Bubbles visualization now has new color and value formatting options.

added The Multiple Value visualization now supports table calculations and using drills.

added Introduced a new legacy feature, Snowflake Unquoted Database Name, which maintains the previous Looker behavior of leaving the database name unquoted in both the JDBC string and certain metadata queries. When this legacy feature is disabled, Looker will quote all database names, which allows for case-sensitive values like lowercase letter databases in Snowflake. When ready to update with this change, Looker administrators should make sure their Snowflake database names in the Connections settings match the casing that the actual database has in Snowflake, and then disable this legacy feature.

fixed Testing a database connection no longer renders a blank page.

fixed For a BigQuery connection, tables that are displayed under datasets in SQL Runner properly show up in Create View from Table.

fixed Dragging a view file into a folder now works as expected.

fixed Autocompletion for the LookML parameter type: now generates suggestions as expected.

fixed Redshift external tables are now listed when selecting to Create a view from Table Option in the LookML IDE.

fixed Selecting the Open Pull Request button in a project no longer redirects to an invalid URL.

fixed Casting group fields and pivot fields as CHAR prevents collation errors when running pivoted MySQL queries.

fixed Using pivoted queries in System Activity and i__looker Explores renders expected results.

fixed The query that is used to retrieve metadata about schemas and table has been modified to be compatible with later Apache Druid versions (0.16+).

fixed Testing a dialect's connectivity will return a more relevant error than Driver cannot be found: NameError :: undefined local variable or method `e' for #Looker::DBConnectionTester:0x4ccf8cbf.

fixed A filters parameter can now reference a field that utilizes Liquid syntax within an Explore without rendering the error There was a problem running the validator.

fixed Attempting to render a LookML dashboard whose tile starts with the number 1 no longer returns this error: [chromium] An attempt was made to access a protected resource. / Uh oh. Looker::Render::RendererNoRenderFinishedEventReceivedError.

fixed Improvements have been made to Google Ads and Hubspot blocks.

fixed Queries, especially queries for alerts, that are sourced from a system activity Explore no longer return the error undefined method `map' for "model:system__activity":String Did you mean? tap.

fixed Using custom SMTP credentials for Amazon SES properly encodes the "from" email address.

fixed The help icon in the top navigation bar respects Whitelabel settings on all pages.

fixed Users can properly create a board from the browse menu.

fixed The LookML Dashboards folder now shows models as expected.

fixed Labels are now displayed as expected on the funnel visualization on dashboards (beta).

fixed Multiple Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) vector issues have been resolved.

fixed The ability to add a custom measure to an existing tile on dashboards (beta) now functions as expected.

fixed Users can now click on a dimension value in the drill overlay without being prompted to add a filter.

fixed On an embedded dashboard (beta), selecting a link within a drill modal redirects to that link.


changed Users who authenticate into Slack from their Looker Account page will now be notified in Slack that their Looker account is connected.

changed The sort subparameter has been replaced with the sorts subparameter, which takes the form: sorts: [field_1: asc | desc, field_2: asc | desc, ...]

changed For clustered environments, changing the log level setting will now set the change for all nodes instead of only setting the change in the node that handles the request.

changed The automatic S3 backup feature will no longer be available. This deprecation only impacts customer-hosted instances (Looker-hosted instances have an auto-backup). Looker strongly recommends hosting your own backup; find details on how to do this on the Creating Backups documentation page.

changed LDAP distinguished names (DNs) now support up to 4,000 characters.

added When delivering Looks or dashboards in a Visualization (PNG) file format, you can specify the width of the visualization using the Table Resolution option. For dashboards, this option is available when the content format is set to use single column layout.

added TypeScript SDK supports new auth token service workflows.

added You can now share dashboards (beta) content in Slack using the Slack (beta) integration via slash commands and link preview unfurl.

added Improvements have been made to the Gauge visualization that is available on the Marketplace (beta).

added New blocks are available from the Marketplace (beta): Braze, Salesforce Analytics, and Square.

added The ability to navigate LookML models in the IDE via objects instead of files is now available by enabling the Object Browser experimental Labs feature.

added Improved the searchability, page performance, and monitoring on the Persistent Derived Tables page in the Admin panel. Looker admins can use the Persistent Derived Tables page in the Admin panel to view PDTs by connection and search for specific PDTs. Non-admin users with the see_pdts permission can view information about PDTs from models for which they have data access.

added LookML refinements provide users a way to build on the LookML of views and Explores in your projects. LookML refinements are ideal for projects with Looker Blocks, which use pre-built pieces of LookML; projects that import files from other projects; projects where you often need to generate your files from tables in your database; and situations where you want to share LookML between models or projects while making customizations in each place (that is, hub-and-spoke configurations).

added Setting preferred names for mirrored groups gives Looker admins the ability to assign custom names to any groups created when utilizing SAML, LDAP, or OpenID Connect group mapping. Looker admins can also determine whether inherited users and groups can be assigned direct roles in Looker, whether inherited users and groups can be added to native Looker groups, and whether inherited users and groups can inherit roles from native Looker groups.

added Connecting to Bitbucket servers is now supported on ports other than 7999.

added Looker admins can now connect multiple Looker instances to a single Slack workspace. In Slack, users can specify a default Looker instance for which they can view content from Slack.

added Users can view and manage their alerts through an alerts user management page available from their user profile.

added Boards are now easier to organize — users with edit access can now drag and drop pinned Looks and dashboards between sections to rearrange them.

added Recently viewed content is now available on the Slack App Home tab.

added Dashboards (beta) now supports the ability to create, view, and edit notes on tiles.

added In dashboards (beta), a query tile's title can now be edited inline from the dashboard similarly to a dashboard's title.

added Dashboards (beta) now supports the ability to create a duplicate tile.

added PDTs in Snowflake now support adding the LookML parameter cluster_keys. Setting this parameter will include CLUSTER BY in the PDT CREATE TABLE statement.

added Apache Druid now supports SQL Explain functionality.

added Microsoft Azure SQL Data Warehouse now supports subtotals functionality.

added The MariaDB JDBC driver has been upgraded to version 2.6.0.

added Context comments are removed from BigQuery queries. Context comments invalidated BigQuery's ability to cache and negatively impacted cache performance.

added BigQuery connections now support OAuth. Note: As with all per-user connections, cross-user caching will be disabled by enabling this feature.

added The MemSQL dialect now supports subtotals and switch pivoting to use SQL in the database.

added Apache Druid 0.13+ is now available. Dialect support, which includes timezones, does not support locations. It also removes the unnecessary CASE WHEN filtering workaround from earlier versions.

added Several improvements have been made to how Looker generates the formatting of SQL statements.

fixed Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) vector resolved in New Dashboard Experience with user-modifiable filters.

fixed Using the create_space API endpoint to attempt to create a folder with a duplicate name will now return an error message that indicates the space name is already taken, instead of returning a generic 500 error message.

fixed Dashboards (beta) users will no longer see a Download option if the user does not have the permissions to download.

fixed Value formatting, Percent (0), no longer truncates values unnecessarily or removes percent formatting in table calculations that have bars enabled.

fixed Hiding a title of a tile on a table (legacy) visualization no longer also hides the tile's menu options.

fixed Text tiles in dashboards (beta) now properly renders Markdown for numbered or unordered lists.

fixed A vulnerability has been fixed in dashboards (beta), where using the feature with user-modifiable filters could have potentially executed a Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) vector when viewing the dashboard and changing the filter value.

fixed Dashboard date filter changes are now applied for users with a locale setting other than en.

fixed Conditional formatting in table visualizations is no longer being intermittently applied.

fixed Headers in the new table visualization are no longer being truncated when the setting Truncate Text is disabled.

fixed Map visualizations now work as expected with table calculations to show a legend and expected colors.

fixed On dashboards (beta), users attempting to view tiles based on data they do not have model access to will now see an error message instead of a blank tile.

fixed Table visualizations no longer incorrectly display measures with lists of strings.

fixed Conditional formatting on table visualizations no longer ignores whether or not the Include Totals toggle option is disabled.

fixed The Classic theme no longer displays measure headers as dimensions.

fixed The Quarter timeframe no longer defaults to sorting in the opposite direction of all the other timeframes.

fixed Dashboards rendering PDFs of table visualizations that contain HTML sizing no longer result in that tile being cut off.

fixed Customizations on table visualizations with subtotals enabled no longer intermittently apply background color column formatting to all columns.

fixed Custom filters that attempt to use measures will now fail with the error message Field "_" is not in the current explore. instead of failing with the error message Field "_" either does not exist in the current query or is a measure.

fixed Using the Schedule Plan run_once endpoint with only the schedule_id parameter no longer yields an unexpected 500 response.

fixed Attempting to navigate to a System Activity Explore from a dashboard using dashboards (beta) now works as expected.

fixed The Content Usage Explore no longer shows duplicated content with unexpected characters in the duplicate content's ID.

fixed Expanding a value that is collapsed by default on a table visualization with subtotals enabled no longer prevents scrolling.

fixed When you use the render_task API endpoint, the ability to specify expand tables is now available for rendering a PDF of a dashboard.

fixed Schedules that fail with this error message Invalid filter: view_name.field_name are now modified to alert users to revisit their content and reapply the filters to the current fields if the field the filter maps to has been modified in the model.

fixed Schedules that stream files of type XLSX to an S3/SFTP destination will no longer render the NoMethodError : undefined method 'value' for nil:nilClass error despite data being delivered successfully.

fixed Alerts now use the application timezone in the body of the alert instead of referencing the system timezone.

fixed Timezones are now preset for the Looker-managed looker_app connection when user timezones are enabled.

fixed The validator no longer renders the error Periods are not allowed in element or filter names. when an element name or a filter contains undesired characters, such as a period.

fixed Testing a connection on the Admin Connections page will no longer show the message Testing tmp_db_views if PDTs are disabled.

fixed The LookML dashboard parameter subtitle will now be localized.

fixed The ability to filter PDTs by their view name on the PDT page in the Admin panel now functions as expected.

fixed The dialect option MSSQL 2012 is now Supported; MSSQL 2008 dialect's support level has been downgraded to Integration.

fixed Timezone conversion in many dialects using TIMESTAMP_TZ now generates expected timezone conversion in generated SQL and data results.

fixed Remote dependency imports no longer prompt the option to edit if the remote project is public.

fixed Autocompletion for the LookML parameter type: now generates suggestions as expected.

fixed The IDE no longer auto-generates the additional ${ characters after selection of an auto-suggested field.

fixed You can now set alerts on single value visualizations based on pivoted results.


changed The Snowflake JDBC driver has been updated to version 3.11.1 for Apache Arrow results format support for improved result-fetching performance.

changed The Dremio JDBC driver has been upgraded to version 4.1.4 for SSL support. Existing connections may need to be updated in the Admin page under Database Connections; check Verify SSL Cert to enforce strict hostname verification.

changed The connection parameter in a LookML file will now automatically suggest database connections that are available on the instance.

changed The user permission download_without_limit can now be set to specific models instead of its previous implementation of instance-wide.

changed The PDT Admin page now loads about 100x faster than before.

changed In the IDE, the collapse icon is now always visible, instead of visible only on hover.

added Google Drive and Google Sheets integrations are now available via the Looker Action Hub.

added New filters syntax is more concise and simpler to write. The square brackets denote an array with key-value pairs.

added Measures can now be sorted by other measures in the order_by_field parameter.

added Tiles on dashboards (beta) now support the grid layout option.

added A tile's content on dashboards (beta) can now be downloaded in these formats: TXT, Excel, CSV, JSON, HTML, Markdown, and PNG.

added Merged results tiles are now filterable and fully supported on dashboards (beta).

added Dashboards (beta) can now be downloaded in PDF and CSV formats. Note: PDF formats will still render the old dashboard design.

added You can connect multiple Slack workspaces to a single Looker instance and access Looker content from the home tab in Slack.

added More blocks and visualizations are now available in the Looker Marketplace (beta): Salesforce, Hubspot, Square, Time Tracking Essentials, and Zendesk Analysis blocks and Aster Plot and spider visualizations.

added Whitespace is now respected in filters.

added Users now have the ability to switch filters on/off for embedded Looks via the Embed settings on the Admin page. Note: This setting applies to all embedded Looks on the instance.

added The datagroup label and description parameters are now visible on the Datagroups page in the Admin panel. Both subparameters can be localized using locale strings files.

added The database connection now runs tests for a database user's ability to use PDT stable views (CREATE VIEW, SELECT, DROP VIEW) when adding a new Looker connection.

fixed Timezones for queries in tiles will no longer be blank.

fixed Disabling the User Specific Timezones setting is no longer ignored so the option in the UI is still displayed.

fixed Custom topojson files in IDE folders will now render properly in an embedded visualization.

fixed Value formatting in visualizations saved to dashboards no longer yield the following error: l.valueFormat is not a function.

fixed PDTs with the parameter publish_as_db_view set to yes will now publish stable views for all production models that the PDT is associated with.

fixed Table headers are now following customizations made in the visualization settings.

fixed A vulnerability that allowed a user with the explore and access_data permissions to maliciously leverage series menu options to introduce a cross-site scripting (XSS) vector has been resolved.

fixed A vulnerability that allowed developers to maliciously leverage measure labels and values to introduce a cross-site scripting (XSS) vector has been resolved.

fixed A vulnerability that allowed users to maliciously leverage value labels in Bar visualization settings to introduce a cross-site scripting (XSS) vector has been resolved.

fixed In the dashboards (beta) experience, table tiles are no longer cut off when users scroll to the bottom of the tile.

fixed Users will no longer enter a bad Git merge state when files have been deleted from a different branch.

fixed Subtotal amounts no longer change when users click around table cells.

fixed Scheduling or downloading content that yields no results will no longer fail with the error message RendererNoRenderFinishedEventReceivedError - retried.

fixed A user's schedules will no longer fail to send while that user has Development Mode enabled but does not have develop access to the model the schedule's content is built on.

fixed Scheduling or sending Looker content no longer fails when the fr_FR locale is utilized on an instance.

fixed An ellipsis option for long filenames has been added in the IDE to prevent an overflow of text.

fixed Deleting multiple models from the IDE no longer prevents a user from deleting all configured models under the Manage Projects page.

fixed Users will no longer receive a 404 error message when they attempt to delete Git branches that contain a forward-slash character, "/".

fixed Datagroup labels and descriptions, when being localized, no longer return the IDE error message parameter "label" must be a string. Hash was given.

fixed Snowflake and MySQL based dialects should no longer return undefined method errors when additional JDBC parameter separator characters are used.

fixed LookML data tests must have unique names across a model: An IDE error will be thrown if a test with the same name is defined more than once.

fixed The time zone rendered with the query_timezone parameter in non-persisted Native Derived Tables no longer shows an invalid value.

fixed The PDT reaper now effectively removes stale stable PDT views.

fixed The PDT reaper will now remove temporary PDTs that were not previously caught by the reaper.

fixed PDTs no longer fail to build with the error message duplicate key violates unique constraint.

fixed PDTs will no longer rebuild upon updating to a new Looker version.


changed Homepage settings are out of Labs (beta) and in the Admin section under General Settings.

changed Removed SQL Explain from Explores for DataVirtuality because it is not supported by this dialect and added SQL Explain functionality to Explores for the MS SQL Data Warehouse dialect.

changed Upgraded the Presto JDBC driver version to version 0.230.

changed Upgraded the Exasol JDBC driver to version 6.2.3.

changed The following dialects are now considered dialect integrations: Oracle ADWC, Qubole Quantum, and Spanner.

changed Curated Search is no longer a beta Labs feature and is now generally available in the Looker platform.

changed Upgraded the BigQuery JDBC driver to version 1.9.6. This upgrade also resolves the error Google Standard SQL database encountered an error. Unsupported type: DATETIME from being incorrectly generated by queries.

changed Default tables in BigQuery connections, like publicdata and fh-bigquery, will no longer be automatically populated in SQL Runner.

changed The column menu in table charts has been simplified and now contains the following sizing options: Autosize All Columns and Reset All Column Widths. In addition, width changes made using the column menu now persist.

added Introducing a new experimental version of the Looker API, version 4.0.

added The LookML parameter parameter is now supported in the following dashboard (beta) filter types: radio buttons, button group, drop-down menu, advanced (is).

added Support for static maps (regions) and in dashboards (beta).

added The ability to create and manage
alerts with a new simplified UI in dashboards (beta) is now available.

added Introducing these new blocks and visualizations into the Looker Marketplace (beta): Salesforce, Square, Spider chart, and Aster plot.

added Introducing a BigQuery project select box within the SQL Runner UI for BigQuery dialects that support multiple databases.

added Introducing the ability to select from multiple databases when selecting Create View from Table in the IDE.

added Introducing a new beta endpoint on API 3.1 called dashboard_lookml.

added Introducing the ability to create generic LookML files in the IDE to use for data tests or Explores.

added Introducing keyboard shortcut options to fold: Alt + Command + 0 and unfold: Alt + Command + = code in the IDE.

added The dialect now shows database views in both SQL Runner and the Create View from Table option in the IDE.

added Introducing PDT support for the Amazon Athena dialect.

added Introducing the ability for admins to disconnect existing Slack connections for the Slack (beta) App action.

added Introducing the ability to override the Looker-detected field types and pivot columns within a SQL Runner visualization.

added The Scheduler now monitors the scheduled job queue for jobs that have been enqueued for an hour or more while more recent jobs have been successfully dequeuing. While this is a rare occurrence, if this occurs, the scheduled job is closed and reported with an error on Looker's Schedule History page.

added Introducing query concurrency limit of 1 for dashboards and Explores based on the system__activity model to improve impacts on performance.