Release deployment emails

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Release notifications are emailed to customers in advance of new releases. Emails are distributed to users who have opted in as described below.

Looker-hosted instances

All email addresses listed in the Admin panel as Technical Contacts will receive notifications regarding the expected update window prior to deployment of a new Looker release. These deployment notices are considered operational and cannot be managed in the Preference Center. If it's necessary to change the recipients for these notices, please edit the email addresses in Admin settings. To safeguard against missing or outdated technical contact information, we may also reach out to contacts listed in our CRM.

All users who opt in to release emails may also receive feature-specific notices. Users subscribed to Product feature updates in the Preference Center will receive release emails. Regardless of the release their instance is on, a user can update their subscription from their User Account Settings page. Note: Prior to Looker 5.14, opt-in was offered via Looker account creation.

Customer-hosted instances

All emails listed in the Admin > General Settings as Technical Contacts and our CRM's technical contacts will receive notifications.