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Looker Embedded

Looker Embedded

Looker is at the heart of building next generation data solutions and products. Drive growth with embedded analytics, and accelerate time to value of your embedded apps with consistent, live metrics, while retaining complete control of the user experience.

  • Build embedded analytics applications faster and stay focused on core competencies

  • Create better user experiences, maintaining control of your data and how users experience it

  • Reduce costs and collaborate on embedded app development with modern version control

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Build custom apps using Looker Embedded or design your own white label offering


Build embedded apps faster

Ship data-driven apps in weeks and months, not years. Stay focused on core competencies and tap an ecosystem of trusted partners for more expertise and speed.

Generate new revenue streams

Strategically serve up Looker features as your own across premium tiers of your product to help attract new subscribers and grow revenues.

Create connected workflows

Integrate your app ecosystem and automate work with off-the-shelf services that help users and apps take action on data. Send and write back data with Slack, Twilio, and more.

Key features

Key features

Embedded analytics for your website or application

Provide analytics capabilities within your business applications and embed interactive dashboards for internal employees or external clients.

Real-time data-driven insights

Combine data from across your business and define metrics that matter most for your stakeholders.

Secure iframe configurations

With Looker Embedded, you can empower your users and customers to explore data embedded into an iframe in any HTML-formatted web page, portal, or application. The iframe executes the whole Looker application, requesting only the data necessary to display your query. By design, an iframe is not allowed to read or write data from your external website or application.

Iframe interactivity

Enable self-service by allowing embedded users to navigate through reports, download data, set up schedules and alerts all within the embedded iframe.

Looker API for Embedded

Using Looker's API, you can enable access to embedded content via a proxy application or a reverse proxy server. In this scenario, authentication is performed via API3 keys, which are tied to a specific user and have the same permissions as the user that generates them. API3 keys are composed of a client ID and a client secret key.




Developer overview

We provide options for you to embed Looker content in your host application via iframes. Every option supports theming and can embed dashboards, Explores, and more.
Google Cloud Basics

Looker API

Looker’s API provides access to the vast majority of Looker functionality over a convenient JSON-oriented REST API. It includes a diversity of endpoints.

Single sign-on (SSO) embedding

SSO embedding is a way to present private embedded Looks, visualizations, Explores, and dashboards to your users without them needing a separate Looker login.
Best Practice

Security best practices for embedded analytics

Embedding data may sometimes present privacy or security concerns. To mitigate these concerns, we recommend that Looker admins follow these best practices.

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