Versions and upgrades

This page explains the version and upgrade strategy for Game Servers. This page also describes the Agones and Kubernetes version compatibility, how Game Servers adds support for new Agones and Kubernetes versions as they are released, and best practices for upgrading Agones and Kubernetes in your Game Servers clusters.

Agones and Kubernetes compatibility

Game Servers aims to be compatible with the four most recent Agones versions. Game Servers also aims to support new Agones versions within a week or two of the Agones release. For example, if the current Agones version is 1.7, Game Servers aims to be compatible with versions back to 1.4. We ensure compatibility by running periodic end-to-end test jobs against each supported version of Agones.

Compatibility is not guaranteed for Agones versions older than the most recent four. Although considerations will be made to ensure compatibility with as many versions as possible, it is sometimes required to lose compatibility in the interest of advancing the feature set of Game Servers and taking advantage of new features available in the latest versions of Agones.

Each version of Agones supports a specific version of Kubernetes. When a new version of Agones supports a new version of Kubernetes, it is explicitly called out in the Agones version release notes.

The following table lists the compatible versions of Agones and their corresponding required Kubernetes versions for Game Servers:

Agones version Kubernetes version Status
1.7 1.15 Compatible
1.6 1.15 Compatible
1.5 1.15 Compatible
1.4 1.14 Compatible
1.3 1.13 Not guaranteed, but no known issues

Supporting new Agones versions

Game Servers aims to support new Agones releases within a couple weeks of the official Agones release date. One week before a new version of Agones is released, the project provides a release candidate to the open source community for testing. Game Servers adds the release candidate to a continuous automated test framework and the Game Servers team fixes any regressions or integration issues. Issues in Agones are typically fixed before the release candidate is promoted to an official release. Game Servers issues might take a couple of weeks to fix and rollout to production, so in most cases, Game Servers supports the new Agones version a couple of weeks after its official release.

Upgrading Agones and Kubernetes

As Game Servers adds support for a new Agones version, it also removes automated test coverage and production support for the oldest compatible Agones version. For guidance and best practices on upgrading Agones and Kubernetes for your product games, see the Agones documentation for Upgrading Agones and Kubernetes.