Versions and upgrades

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This page explains the supported versions for Game Servers, backed by open source Agones and running on Kubernetes. The latest supported versions are Agones 1.24 and Kubernetes 1.22.

For guidance and best practices, see Upgrading Agones.

Find the installed versions

To determine which versions of Agones and Kubernetes are installed on a Game Servers cluster, use the command line tools or code samples to list the clusters or view details for a single cluster. For example, the REST methods include view=full as part of the query, which lists the installed versions as part of the cluster details:

"clusterState": {
  "agonesVersionInstalled": "1.24.0",
  "kubernetesVersionInstalled": "",
  "provider": "gke"

Agones and Kubernetes supported versions

A new version of Agones is released every 6 weeks. Game Servers supports (and is tested with) the four most recent Agones versions, giving a support window of about 6 months.

Although earlier Agones versions are supported, they are not fully tested. Compatibility with earlier versions is not guaranteed; for best results, upgrade to the latest version.

Each version of Agones supports a specific version of Kubernetes. When a new version of Agones supports a new version of Kubernetes, it is explicitly called out in the Agones version release notes.

The following table lists the supported versions of Agones and their corresponding required Kubernetes versions for Game Servers:

Agones version Kubernetes version Status
1.24 1.22 Supported and periodically tested.
1.23 1.22 Supported and periodically tested.
1.22 1.21 Supported and periodically tested.
1.21 1.21 Supported and periodically tested.