Enterprise tier

This page describes the Enterprise tier for Filestore, which is designed for enterprise-grade Network File System (NFS) workloads. It provides:

Enterprise tier has a separate total capacity quota (EnterpriseStorageGibPerRegion) and the following capabilities:

Capability Description
Up and down capacity scaling The capacity of Enterprise tier instances can be enlarged or reduced to meet changing capacity needs. For more information, see Scaling capacity
Performance scaling The IOPS and throughput of Enterprise tier instances automatically scale with each 1 TiB of capacity. For more information, see Performance.
Availability Regional
Backup solution Snapshots
Customer-managed encryption keys Supported
Non-disruptive maintenance Enterprise tier instances remain available during maintenance events.


Quota for Filestore instances varies by region and tier. Enterprise, High Scale, and Basic instances each have their own quotas.

To see your available quota, go to the Quotas page. If you need to request additional quota, see Requesting quota increases.

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