Deleting Instances

Use this topic to learn how to delete a Filestore instance.

Before you begin

If you want to use the command-line examples in this topic, enable the gcloud command-line tool by installing the Cloud SDK.

Deleting an instance

Use one of the following procedures to create a Filestore instance.

GCP console

  1. Go to the Filestore instances page
  2. Click the instance ID to open the instance details page.
  3. Click Delete.
  4. When prompted, type the instance ID.
  5. Click Delete.


Delete a Filestore instance by running the instances delete command, replacing [VALUES_IN_BRACKETS] with the appropriate values:

gcloud filestore instances delete [INSTANCE_ID] \
    --project=[PROJECT_ID] \


  • [INSTANCE_ID] is the identifier of the Filestore instance.
  • [PROJECT_ID] is the ID of the GCP project that contains the Filestore instance. You can skip this flag if you have set the gcloud default project and want to use that.
  • [ZONE] is the GCP zone in which the Filestore instance resides. Run the gcloud filestore zones list command to get a list of supported zones. You can skip this flag if you have set the gcloud default zone by running the gcloud config set filestore/zone command.

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