Operations concurrency

The following is a list of known behaviors encountered when attempting to run some concurrent operations.

Concurrent backup operations

  • Backup delete operations associated with the same source instance must be performed one at a time.

    Bulk backup delete operations within a backup chain are not supported. While a delete operation is pending, any new delete operations within the same backup chain return a RESOURCE_EXHAUSTED error. This is regardless of whether the source instance has been deleted.

    • If the source instance has been deleted, users receive a similar FAILED_PRECONDITION error.

    • This limitation applies to every service tier but basic SSD and basic HDD.

    • Note that Filestore does support concurrent backup delete operations when backups reference separate source instances.

      For example, an instance labeled Source1 has backup data referenced in Backup1 and Backup2. Source2 has backup data referenced in Backup3 and Backup4. Backup1 and Backup2 can't be deleted in parallel, however, Backup2 and Backup3 can.

  • Backup create and backup delete operations initiated within the same backup chain can run concurrently. However, users can't complete a backup create operation while the most recent backup is being deleted.

    • If the user attempts to create a new backup of the instance while the most recent backup is being deleted, they will receive a FAILED_PRECONDITION error. For example, if Source1 has a backup chain composed of Backup1 and Backup2, and the user begins a create operation for Backup3, they won't be able to delete Backup2 until the create operation completes. This is because the most recent backup contains the most critical data needed to successfully complete the backup create operation.

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