Editing Instances

Use this topic to learn how to update a Cloud Filestore instance by using either the Google Cloud console or the gcloud command-line tool.

You can update a Cloud Filestore instance by increasing the instance size, or changing the instance description.

You can also modify an instance by adding, removing, or changing labels. For more information, see Managing Labels.

Before you begin

If you want to use the command-line examples in this topic, enable the gcloud command-line tool by installing the Cloud SDK.

Editing an instance


  1. Go to the Cloud Filestore instances page
  2. Click the instance ID of the instance you want to edit.
  3. On the Instance details page, click Edit.
  4. For Description, optionally modify the instance description.
  5. For Fileshare capacity, optionally modify the instance's fileshare capacity.
  6. Click Save.


Edit an instance by running the instances update command, replacing [VALUES_IN_BRACKETS] with the appropriate values:

gcloud filestore instances update [INSTANCE_ID] 

where the parameters are as follows:

  • [INSTANCE_ID] is the identifier for the instance you want to edit.
  • [PROJECT_ID] is the ID of the GCP project that contains the instance. You can skip this flag if you have set the gcloud default project and want to use that.
  • [ZONE] is the GCP zone in which the Google Cloud project instance resides. Run the gcloud filestore zones list command to get a list of supported zones. You can skip this flag if you have set the gcloud default zone by running the gcloud config set filestore/zone command.
  • [FILESHARE_NAME] is the name of the NFS fileshare that is served from the Google Cloud project instance.
  • [FILESHARE_SIZE] is the new size you want for the fileshare. You can only increase the size of an instance, not decrease it. The maximum fileshare size is 63.9 TB. To see your available quota, go to the Quotas page. You can specify the fileshare size in whole numbers using either gigabytes or terabytes. The default unit is gigabytes.
  • [INSTANCE_DESCRIPTION] is the optional Cloud Filestore instance description.


The following example updates the nfs-server instance by increasing the fileshare size to 3 TB.

gcloud filestore instances update nfs-server 

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