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Document AI

Automate data capture at scale to reduce document processing costs.

  • Make better decisions using document data and make it available to your applications and users

  • Automate and validate your data to make your workflows more efficient and free from guesswork

  • Rely on Google's security model and world-scale infrastructure to keep your organization secure

  • Use your document data to gain new insights about your products and meet customer expectations


Make faster decisions using data from your documents

Improve operational efficiency by extracting structured data from unstructured documents and making that available to your business apps and users.

Ensure your data is accurate and compliant

Automate and validate all your documents to streamline compliance workflows, reduce guesswork, and keep data accurate and compliant.

Use your data to meet customer expectations

Leverage insights to meet customer expectations and improve CSAT, advocacy, lifetime value, and spend.


Try Document AI in your environment

Upload a document (like an invoice) and see the structured data extracted. Don't have a document? Try our sample.

Key features

Getting started with the Document AI platform

Leverage Google's state-of-the-art AI

Document AI is built on decades of AI innovation at Google, bringing powerful and useful solutions to these challenges. Under the hood are Google’s industry-leading technologies: computer vision (including OCR) and natural language processing (NLP) that create pre-trained models for high-value, high-volume documents. DocAI has already processed tens of billions of pages of documents across lending, insurance, government and other industries.

Process documents from a unified console

The DocAI platform is a unified console for document processing that lets you quickly access all parsers and tools. From the platform, you can automate and validate documents to streamline workflows, reduce guesswork, and keep data accurate and compliant.

Enrich data to make it more useful

Validate and enrich parsed information with Google Knowledge Graph to make the data even more useful, checking company names, addresses, phone numbers, and other details against entities on the internet.

Integrate human review into ML predictions

Human-in-the-Loop AI is a new DocAI feature that will help companies achieve higher document processing accuracy with the assurance of human review. Adding human review can increase accuracy and help businesses interpret predictions using purpose-built tools to enable those reviews.



Setting up the Document AI API

This guide provides all required setup steps to start using Document AI.

Document AI how-to guides

Learn how to parse the contents of a form, table, or invoice. Or how to use an AutoML model and multi-region support.

Google Cloud Basics
Document AI concepts

Get an overview of the basics of Document AI, including converting images to text, classifying documents, as well as analyzing and extracting entities.

Use cases

Use cases

Use case
Accelerate mortgage document processing

Lending DocAI is a specialized solution designed for the mortgage space with industry-leading data accuracy. It processes income and asset documents to speed-up loan applications—a notoriously slow and complex process. Lending DocAI leverages a set of specialized models, focused on document types used in mortgage lending, and automates many of the routine document reviews so mortgage servicers can focus on the more value-added decisions.

Use case
Automate procurement data capture at scale

Procurement DocAI helps companies automate one of their highest volume and highest value business processes—the procurement cycle. Google Cloud provides a group of AI-powered parsers, starting with invoices and receipts, that take documents in a variety of formats and return cleanly structured data.

Use case
Accelerate contract lifecycle management

Contract DocAI leverages a variety of AI technologies—including NLP, knowledge graph technology, and optical character recognition (OCR)—to accurately parse contracts at scale for key terms, such as those involving start and end dates, renewal conditions, parties involved, contract type, venue, or service level agreements. 

Use case
Simplify verification for identity cards

Automate identity verification and fraud detection workflows with specialized parsers for identity from Document AI. Improve processing speed and save costs by extracting information with a high degree of accuracy.


Document AI pricing

Document AI is intended to be used with other Google Cloud products. You may need to review the pricing for Cloud VisionCloud Natural Language API, or AutoML Natural Language

If you pay in a currency other than USD, the prices listed in your currency on Google Cloud SKUs apply.


Document AI partners

Get help implementing Document AI from these trusted partners. View full partner directory.