Access and use platform logs

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This page describes how to view platform logs generated by Google Cloud Deploy. Platform logs in Google Cloud are service-specific logs, which you can use to debug and troubleshoot issues, and better understand the Google Cloud services you're using.

Google Cloud Deploy generates logs for the following events:

  • Render status change, for releases only

  • Failure to send a Pub/Sub notification for a status change, for the following resource types:

    • delivery pipelines
    • targets
    • releases
    • rollouts

Access the platform logs generated by Google Cloud Deploy

  1. Open the Google Cloud's operations suite Logs Explorer page in Google Cloud console.

  2. In the query pane, click the Log name drop-down, and enter the Log ID of the platform log you want to see.

    You can get the Log ID from the list in the platform logs page.

    The log name filter, in the Logs Explorer

  3. Select that log, and click Apply.

    Available logs are listed in the Query results.

    Query results for Google
Cloud Deploy platform logs

  4. To view the contents of that log, click the arrow next to any log listed in the query results.

    Contents of a
Google Cloud Deploy platform log