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Announcing OneFS for Google Cloud – ideal for large capacity, high-performance workloads, paired with Google Cloud flexibility. Learn more from the press release or contact us.

Dell EMC PowerScale for Google Cloud

Combine performance, scalability and security of OneFS with the flexibility and costs economics of Google Cloud. Order PowerScale file storage services on Google Cloud Marketplace and managed them on Google Cloud Portal with an integrated support model and monthly billing via Google. Learn More

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Dell Technologies and Google Cloud

Transform your business with Dell Technologies and Google Cloud

The Dell and Google Cloud partnership delivers a variety of solutions to help transform how enterprises operate their business.

What this partnership means for you:

Integrated Google Cloud file service

Simplify management, increase operational flexibility, unlock value from your data and handle demanding workloads with the Google native file service, powered by Dell EMC Isilon OneFS and operated by Dell Technologies Services experts.

Modernize Hybrid Cloud operations

Dell EMC PowerFlex is a validated platform for Google Anthos based hybrid-cloud deployments. PowerFlex provides a flexible, high-performance software-defined storage foundation that combines compute as well as high performance storage resources in a managed unified fabric. It seamlessly integrates with Google Anthos to simplify hybrid cloud asset management.

Data protection

Data Domain Virtual Edition (DD VE) runs on Google Cloud, enabling customers to leverage Dell's market-leading data-protection services to back up and replicate data in Google Cloud environments.

Dell Technologies Cloud Storage Services: OneFS for Google Cloud

An Integrated Google Cloud Service

An integrated Google Cloud service

Combine performance, scalability and security of OneFS with the flexibility and cost economics of Google Cloud. Order OneFS file storage services on GCP Marketplace and manage them on the GCP Portal with an integrated support model and monthly billing via Google.

Cloud Consumption Models

Cloud consumption models

Use a versatile set of file service tiers, based on the Isilon portfolio, to support a broad range of use cases from commercial HPC and analytics to M&E and DR at cost effective rates. All-inclusive pricing complete with all ingress and egress charges, security and standard compliance.

Fully Managed Hands-off Operation

Fully managed hands-off operation

Simplify management of your file data with cloud services managed by Dell Services experts. Hands-off operation with full support of hardware and hosted environment. Automated provisioning and proactive monitoring, maintenance, and hardware lifecycle management.

Google Anthos on Dell EMC PowerFlex Software-Defined Storage

Unmatched Flexibility and Scale

Unmatched flexibility and scale

Choose how you deploy, manage and scale your infrastructure to align with business needs. Flexibly and seamlessly move workloads and containerized application between clouds.

Enterprise-class Performance and Resiliency

Enterprise-class performance and resiliency

Ensure consistent predictable performance, workload isolation and extensive fault tolerance at scale. Consolidate mixed-workloads and optimize workload placement.

Simple and Efficient Operations

Simple and efficient operations

Fully engineered system enables automated deployment, operations and lifecycle management tasks. Simplify how you manage your public and private cloud assets.

Data Protection Software Suite

Data Protection Software Suite

Dell EMC Data Protection Suite offers multiple options to simplify the protection of workloads on premises and on Google Cloud Platform. This solution is ideal for environments that are rich in mission critical applications and offers backup from on-premises to Google Cloud Platform, backup in the cloud as well as long-term retention to cloud.

Data protection solutions

Data Domain Virtual Edition

Data Domain Virtual Edition

DD VE for Google Cloud enables data protection and disaster recovery for applications running in Google Cloud. Data can be moved to an on-premises Data Domain appliance and backed up to the cloud, or replicated between two instances of DD VE across on-premises and Google Cloud to ensure consistency across regions and environments.

Data Domain Cloud Tier

Data Domain Cloud Tier

Data Domain Cloud Tier for Google Cloud is natively tiered to Google Cloud for long-term data retention. Only unique data is sent directly from Data Domain to the cloud, and data lands on the cloud object storage already deduplicated, greatly reducing the storage footprint for cost-effective long-term retention in the cloud.