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Data Studio

Self-service business intelligence with unmatched flexibility for smarter business decisions.

  • Tell impactful stories by creating and sharing engaging reports and data visualizations

  • Unite your data by easily connecting to more than 800 data sources

  • Transform your data to impactful business metrics and dimensions with intuitive smart reports

  • Empower your teams with key business metrics by sharing automated dashboards

  • Create meaningful, shareable, customizable, charts and graphs with just a few clicks


Your data is beautiful—use it

Data Studio unlocks the power of your data by making it easy to create interactive dashboards and compelling reports from a wide variety of sources, driving smarter business decisions.

Connect to data without limits

You can access a wide variety of data sources through the more than 600 partner connectors that instantly enable you to connect virtually any kind of data, without any coding or software.

Share your data story

You can share your compelling reports with your team or with the world, collaborate in real time, or embed your reports on the web.

Key features

Key features

An easy-to-use web interface

Data Studio is designed to be intuitive and easy to use. The report editor features simple drag-and-drop objects with fully custom property panels and a snap-to-grid canvas.

Report templates

With a robust library of report templates to choose from, you can visualize your data in minutes. Connect your data sources and customize the design to meet your needs.

Data connectors

Data sources act as pipes to connect a Data Studio report to underlying data. Each source has a unique, prebuilt connector to ensure your data is easy to access and use.

Data Studio API

The Data Studio API allows Google Workspace or Cloud Identity organizations to automate management and migration of Data Studio assets. You can configure an application to use the Data Studio API quickly and easily.

Report embedding

Embedding allows you to include your Data Studio report in any web page or intranet, making it easier for you to tell your data story to your team or the world.

Data Studio Dashboard

Combine data from different sources and display it in an insightful dashboard

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Put the power of your marketing insights in everyone’s hands

See how you can build vibrant reports and dashboards with just a few clicks, and leverage reusable templates to generate fast and professional visualizations.

Learn the fundamentals of working with Data Studio

Leverage our quickstart guide to rapidly get up and running with Data Studio, sparking your data visualization journey.

Use Case
Looker and Data Studio, better together

The first integration between Looker and Data Studio allows users to connect to Looker's semantic model and analyze, explore, and visualize that data in Data Studio.

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Take our online course and gain insights

Introduction to Data Studio is a free online course that teaches you how to visualize data, design compelling reports, and share them with your team or the world.

Use Case
Developing solutions with BigQuery and Data Studio

This video walks through how to use BigQuery with Data Studio and leverage Google Cloud’s cost-effective data warehouse to bring big data into valuable insights.

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Data Studio report tutorial

This detailed tutorial walks you through the process to create useful and attractive reports in Data Studio in just a few steps.

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BigQuery data visualization in Data Studio tutorial

Explore BigQuery data using Data Studio. Connect your data, create visualizations, and share your insights with others. 



Data Studio is available at no charge for creators and report viewers.