wibiGoo Clients Experience Growth with Google Cloud Platform-based CRM Solution


wibiGoo, Inc. specializes in mobile business applications that leverage a wide range of Google enterprise services such as Google Apps, Google Cloud Platform, and Google Maps. With offices in Madrid, Barcelona, and London, wibiGoo recently introduced its own CRM solution called Arewedoing, built on Google Cloud Platform.


As a company specializing in business productivity services, wibiGoo realized that a CRM tool was not just a value-add service but a must-have offering for its clientele. The company set out to test CRM systems currently available. It had no shortage of vendors to choose from, with literally hundreds of CRM providers in the marketplace. The problem was, all of them fell short of wibiGoo’s high standards and the unique requirements of its customers. In short, wibiGoo’s goal was to offer a fully customizable CRM for its customers and that meant developing its own. “We are not in the business of offering halfway solutions or standard packages to our clients,” explains wibiGoo Founder and CEO, Juan Cid. “Each client operates differently and has different needs, which explains why our value proposal relies heavily on developing products that are customized to the individual client.” But differentiating itself in the entrenched, highly competitive CRM market would not be easy. CRM functionality was becoming more sophisticated, with the shift to cloud infrastructure, social CRM, and the integration of data and analytics. wibiGoo’s solution would need to offer unique value while meeting its customers’ demands for speed, flexibility, scalability, and overall performance.


wibiGoo built its own CRM solution, Arewedoing, using Google Cloud Platform as its development platform of choice. The tools were developed using Google App Engine and connected to the full spectrum of Google Cloud Platform services, including BigQuery and Cloud Storage. “We’ve built a useful and powerful tool,” says Cid. “And with Google Cloud Platform, we were able to dramatically reduce the time needed to customize for any business model, using features like Android and iOS endpoints and the Channel API.”


Google Cloud Platform enables wibiGoo to save approximately €250K per year on development and platform resources, along with many months of work. Since using Arewedoing, wibiGoo’s clients are seeing big gains in productivity. Two clients in particular saw positive results: EADA Business School in Barcelona, and Byhours.com, an online hotel-room reservation service:

  • EADA Business School saw a 150% increase in sales since they began using Arewedoing. The solution gave the school greater capacity for managing large amounts of data and making decisions based on insights from the data. In addition, integrating with Google Apps has enabled excellent coordination among students and faculty. For example, Arewedoing uses Google Calendar APIs to invite users and contacts to tasks and meetings, creating its own calendar on the users’ Google account.
  • Byhours.com, an e-commerce company that offers hotel rooms at an hourly rate with thousands of visits and bookings every day, needed a tool that would help manage real-time room availability as well as web page conversions. BigQuery was deployed to manage the massive amounts of data. “With BigQuery we control and analyze what's happening in real time, and we can send the evolution of predefined KPIs to the sales team, so they can get insight into what’s going on,” says Cid. Byhours.com also integrated with Google Maps for real-time hotel status and coordination of the sales team.
  • “In these cases as well as many others,” says Cid, “choosing Google Cloud Platform for our Arewedoing CRM solution was a complete success.”