Customer Overview

Data leads to insights. Insights lead to wins.

The six-time NBA Champion Golden State Warriors have experienced greatness and are constantly in pursuit of another title. Data plays an important role to help inform decision making. To put more power into the hands of coaches, the Warriors have integrated more data sources and process that data in real time, especially in crunch-time, for example, during an NBA Draft. 

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The Solution

Get the full picture

The Golden State Warriors rely on data to evaluate current and potential players. With Google Cloud, the team can see the full picture. The Warriors developed a real-time data pipeline to provide faster analytics of high volumes of unstructured data from multiple sources to help drive decision making. 

Get from data to decision faster

The NBA Draft is a fast-paced event where teams have only minutes to make franchise-defining decisions. Using BigQuery from Google Cloud, the Golden State Warriors can now analyze vast quantities of data on player performance at speed. With fast answers to tough questions, the Warriors can make better decisions on the fly during the draft.

Data champions

The Google Cloud and the Golden State Warriors (GSW) partnership began in 2019 and launched with the opening of the Chase Center, the state-of-the-art sports and entertainment venue in San Francisco. As the public cloud provider for the Warriors, we also joined forces to help transform the franchise through data-driven decision making.

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Technical overview

Streamlining data management.

To get deeper insights about the impact of certain players, the Warriors needed to integrate additional sources of unstructured data. But the analytics team was spending 70 percent of its time collecting and shaping data, and only 30 percent analyzing it. To get more from its data, the team wanted to spend less time preparing it.
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More data, more insights, more trophies.

The Golden State Warriors automated data collection to significantly lower ingest time to help drive real-time decision-making. Using BigQuery, Dataflow, and other Google Cloud tools, Golden State created machine learning models, data visualizations, and interactive analyses that can easily be shared with coaches, staff, and players. By getting faster analytics on more sources of data, they are now better able to turn insights into championships.