Cosentry Partners with Geminare to Offer Affordable, Full-Service DRaaS Integrated with Google Cloud Platform


Cloud technology is fundamentally changing the way disaster recovery (“DR”) services are offered, delivered, and supported in the global marketplace. With Disaster Recovery as a Service (“DRaaS”), data and applications are protected from disaster or enterprise disruption, enabling full recovery in the cloud. Previously, disaster recovery was a slow, expensive, and burdensome process. DRaaS can be especially useful for businesses that lack the time or resources to provision, configure, and test an effective disaster recovery plan.

For almost twenty years, Omaha-based Cosentry has been a trusted provider of data center services that include Colocation, Managed Hosting, Managed Services, and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). Its proactive “customer first” culture drives a commitment to provide solutions for any IT challenge that comes its way. Part of that commitment is to be an early adopter of new technology, and to provide a depth and breadth of solutions that no competitor can match. With recent demand from its existing customer base as well as new external interest, Cosentry knew it was time to add a full-service DRaaS offering to its portfolio.


Adding a full-service DR solution presented Cosentry with several daunting challenges:

  • It needed to offer competitive pricing for the underlying storage and compute costs required in providing full DR infrastructure.
  • The solution needed to be flexible so that customers could grow their DR solution easily over time.
  • The recovery-site infrastructure had to be easy to use so that Cosentry, who would be managing the deployment on behalf of its customers, could grow their businesses efficiently.
  • It wanted to allow existing customers with production data centers in Europe and Asia to leverage Cosentry as a single provider that could, in turn, leverage a global data center footprint.

Cosentry’s DR offering would have to present an affordable, scalable, and easy to use solution to its customers in order to be successful.


Cosentry decided to partner with Geminare, not only for its #1-ranked global leadership position in the disaster recovery space, but because Geminare’s DRaaS is integrated with Cloud Storage Nearline. Cloud Storage Nearline offers the ideal set of solutions that address Cosentry customers’ critical business needs, including limitless storage capacity at a low cost, quick backup data retrieval and access, and the ability to leverage previously locked-in data at any time. Cloud Storage Nearline also enables developers to simply retrieve data using familiar protocols via a unified API and consistent manageability across Google Cloud Platform.

Deploying Geminare’s Google Cloud Platform-based solution enabled Cosentry to successfully deliver on its four challenges:

  • Pricing: Geminare leverages Google Cloud Platform’s extremely competitive compute and storage costs, which translates to savings for Cosentry.
  • Scalability: Google Cloud Platform is inherently flexible, allowing Cosentry’s customers to start small and grow quickly, as needed.
  • Ease of use: The intuitive setup and support environment of Geminare’s DRaaS allows Cosentry to handle large numbers of multiple deployments and supported DRaaS environments without needing to expand its technical resource pool significantly.
  • Global reach: Cosentry, leveraging the geographical diversity of Google Cloud Platform, offers global data center access to its customers.


Cosentry’s cost-effective and full-service Partner-enabled DRaaS solution is being quickly adopted by new and existing customers. Customers that are hosted on-premises, or already hosted from a Cosentry data center, now have the option of protecting their mission-critical servers by leveraging Google Cloud Platform’s global, secure recovery site.

“Geminare offered us the flexibility and ease of use inherent in Google Cloud Platform,” says Craig Hurley, VP Product Management for Cosentry. “They were key in helping us deploy a DRaaS solution to our existing and new customer base. And the reduced costs made choosing Geminare’s solution a no-brainer for us.”