Avaya and Google Cloud Platform Partner to Address Demand by Mid-Market Customers


Businesses around the world use Avaya’s technology and services to enable a higher level of engagement between customers, teams, employees and partners to improve efficiency and quickly address critical business challenges.

Creating a successful platform for communications is about speed and scalability. As Avaya’s mid-market customer base increased, many of its customers were looking for cloud-based services to help support steady growth and seasonal spikes without huge capital expenses. Google Cloud Platform played a key role in helping Avaya bring a new cloud-based customer engagement technology to the mid-market sector.


By collaborating with Google, Avaya can give customers what they want and need. The company’s OnAvaya™ customer engagement technology now works as a subscription service powered by Google Compute Engine, and provides hardware and software for “anywhere-anytime” customer experience management.

“Many mid-market sector companies want to avoid making a significant upfront capital investment,” says Tony Pereira, Director of SMEC Business Development. “Their time to value is much faster with less upfront costs. Even better, there’s no need to manage and care for the technology themselves.”

The product, known as Customer Engagement OnAvaya Powered by Google Cloud Platform, includes a subscription-based license and the Avaya Agent for Chrome software, which runs on Google Chromebooks. Users simply provision a Google Chromebook and headset for rapid and cost-efficient contact center implementation.

Avaya wanted a dependable platform based on the latest technology, a key reason behind the company’s decision to choose Google Cloud Platform. “Google is one of the world leaders in cloud environments,” says Pereira. “They have built an impressive architecture that they are constantly evolving to make the most of cloud efficiencies.”

By running on Google Cloud Platform, Pereira says that implementation time should drop from months to weeks—or even days. “Because everything is done in the cloud, our business partners can connect customers much faster,” he says. “We’ll create an instance in the cloud, stage and prep the solution, and send it back to our business partner to program it to their customer’s requirements.”


The customer engagement solution is still new to the market, but Pereira says that early users are already able to easily scales to manage peak or seasonal demands, as well as support business continuity and remote agent strategies.

"The Chromebook connection is also a game-changer," says Pereira. All customers need to do is download the Avaya app from Google to turn their Chromebooks into a desktop client. “It’s a compelling value,” he says. “All you need is a headset, and you can become a contact center while sitting in a Starbucks.”

The solution is available to certified Avaya and Google business partners, service providers and cloud service resellers.