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SRE Core

This engagement provides participants the “why” and “how” of prioritizing service reliability. We do so by establishing a baseline site reliability engineering (SRE) understanding across development, operations, and product personnel associated with a single application or service. This offering includes an assessment of current state, education, hands-on exercises, and crafting a limited set of service level objectives (SLOs) for the application.

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Is this offering right for you?

  • Are you wondering how to get started with site reliability engineering?
  • Are you looking to modernize your approach to operations as you transition into the cloud?
  • Do you need help learning to prioritize velocity versus reliability?
  • Do your engineers have to deal with uncontrolled toil and operational inefficiencies?
  • Do you have production-critical applications that need better observability and for which you’d like to better understand the user experience?

What does your team get?

Here are the components of this offering:

Site reliability engineering enablement

Learn SRE cultural and technical practices through a mix of deep-dive workshops, group discussions, and activities with sample applications.

MVP SLO development and risk analysis

Work with our SRE experts to analyze user journeys, select service level indicators (SLIs), build SLOs, and perform basic risk analysis to better understand how to work with risk and observability in an SRE context.

Production maturity assessment

Assess your current maturity on various axes of SRE, based on discovery sessions, follow-up discussions, and anonymous, role-based surveys.