Isolator: Secure Sensitive Data for Collaboration

Isolator is a solution for secure infrastructure and data processing that adds a vital layer of protection to sensitive data used in collaborations between multiple parties. The solution provides a simple way to deploy safeguards, allowing you to create private, secure, and compliant environments within your existing Google Cloud environment, and foster safe collaboration on sensitive data workloads.

What your team gets

  • Enable multi-party collaboration on work that involves handling raw and unprocessed, sensitive, and regulated data in an isolated, private, and compliant environment on Google Cloud.

  • Easily empower multiple parties to partner on sensitive data collaborations

  • Expert implementation guidance to deploy Google's Zero Trust technology

  • Technical workshops

Discuss the implementation and receive guidance from Google experts.
Key deliverables
  • Infrastructure as Code modules
  • Implementation guide
Google Cloud team include
  • Strategic Cloud Engineer Security
Delivery time estimate
3-6 weeks
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