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Enterprise Data Warehouse Modernization

Your teams partner with our experts to assess, design, plan, and migrate your existing data warehouse to Google Cloud via BigQuery. BigQuery’s serverless architecture, built-in machine learning (ML), and real-time data analytics enable you to solve for today’s analytics demands and scale your business. Contact sales to get started. See our entire consulting portfolio.   

Power your data-driven innovation

Is this offering right for you?

  • Accelerate time to value with serverless analytics
    • Remove capacity planning cycles with BigQuery’s serverless architecture
    • Start projects in seconds
    • Rapidly modernize with Google's migration path
  • Modernize without busting your IT budget
    • Run your analytics cost-effectively with BigQuery’s built-in ML capabilities
    • Lower your TCO up to 27% by modernizing with Google Cloud
  • Secure your data and operate with trust
    • Protect your data
    • Safely migrate without performance disruptions

Seamlessly modernize your data warehouse with our Google experts leading the way

What does your team get?

A fully managed, scalable, and cost-effective data warehouse

BigQuery does not require any infrastructure to set up or manage, which lets you focus on finding meaningful insights using standard SQL and flexible pricing models. 

Deep insights with real-time and predictive analytics

BigQuery ML helps data scientists and data analysts build and operationalize ML models to scale. Query streaming data in real time and get up-to-date information on all your business processes.

Innovative, secure, and scalable data sharing

There’s no need to make data copies. Analytics Hub enables you to publish, discover, subscribe to, and share analytics assets.