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Converse with GenAI

Imagine effortlessly accessing detailed product information, receiving speedy chat support, or instantly retrieving crucial internal data within your company. Converse with GenAI is a game changer for your customers and employees, providing unparalleled convenience and speed to information availability. Partner with Google Cloud experts to elevate your customer service, boost sales, and enhance your team's productivity using our advanced search and chatbot technologies. Contact sales to get started. See our entire consulting portfolio

Create an AI-based virtual assistant

Is this offering right for you?

  • Would you like your customers to have instant interactive assistance with their product inquiries and troubleshooting?
  • Do you want your team members to have quick and easy access to mission-critical information that they need to do their work? 
  • Would you benefit from your team easily retrieving internal company information, such as policies and directories?
  • Do you need assistance responding to comments, messages, and posts on social media?
  • Do you want to help customers with product recommendations, order placement, and order tracking?

Get 24/7 digital assistance powered by GenAI

What does your team get?

Kickoff and data understanding

Google experts will gain a comprehensive understanding of your use case definition, data readiness, system prerequisites, and other relevant information.

Generative AI prototype development (non-production sample code)

A prototype solution designed for your Converse with GenAI use case. A working GenAI chatbot or searchbot built over multiple iterations, demonstrating use of best GenAI offerings from Google Cloud. 

Knowledge transfer and closeout

Google experts complete a knowledge transfer for your generative AI solution, sharing lessons learned, best practices, and recommendations for the future.