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Cloud Posture Security Review

An in-depth review of Google Cloud security configurations and security best practices employed to manage a customer’s cloud environment, with detailed recommendations and a mitigation roadmap to improve overall security posture and reduce security risks in your Google Cloud environment. Contact sales to get started. See our entire consulting portfolio

Improve your platform security

Is this offering right for you?

  • Are you wanting to reduce the risk of security incidents or events?
  • Do you want to strengthen your security practices in Google Cloud?
  • Are you wanting a prioritized roadmap and technical recommendations to improve security in Google Cloud?
  • Are you looking for deeper insight into consumption of Google Cloud across the organization? 
  • Are users in your organization conforming to security guidelines and best practices?

Accelerate your Google Cloud journey with us

What does your team gain?

Reduce security risks

The vast majority of security breaches in the cloud are due to misconfigurations and poor security practices. Most customers do not have good visibility over their whole cloud estate. This offering provides a holistic and in-depth review.

Improve confidence in Google Cloud

The output of this engagement is a roadmap of tailored recommendations to strengthen security controls and improve confidence in the security of the platform.

Situational awareness

Provides awareness and deeper insight into how users are consuming Google Cloud across the organization, and whether users are conforming with security guidelines and best practices.