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CCAI Advisory

Partner with our experts to improve your Dialogflow CX virtual agent and overall end-to-end Contact Center AI solution. Get a full evaluation of your current solution, a report on areas of improvement, and suggested next steps to get the most out of your virtual agents. Contact sales to get started. See our entire consulting portfolio

Optimize the performance of virtual agents

Is this offering right for you?

  • Do you need to reduce customer calls into your call center?
  • Are you observing high wait times and low deflection rates?
  • Does your current virtual agent sound rigid or robotic?
  • Are you looking to deliver flexible, human-like conversational experiences?
  • Do you want to collaborate with a team of experts that can guide you in the process of optimizing your virtual agents? 

Create great product experiences using conversational and collaborative AI/ML

What does your team get?

Best-in-class guidance

Leverage Google’s expertise in virtual agent design best practices, including intent design and steering (for more effective understanding), conversation design (for more natural interactions between humans and virtual assistants), bot architecture (for improved flow between user queries and responses), and telephony integration architecture (for better integration of your telephone systems to your business applications). 

Strategies for an improved customer experience

Get an evaluation of your virtual agent’s current state, a report describing areas of improvement, and steps to optimize your virtual agent. Learn how to deliver natural interactions with deep learning technologies backed by the best in Google research and technology.